Hype Or No Hype? If you happen to be interested in running a internet based business you're in luck because you're smack dab at the beginning of... A Golden Age: This is the Golden Age for savvy small online business persons and those wise folks that are thinking about starting a online business. It has never been easier for a total newbie to decide they want to start a online business and in only 2, 4, 5, 6 -8 weeks later they are making a decent & consistent profit from their online venture. Never. Why? Well, to begin with... All the trial and error has already been done for you by thousands of others. Systems for earning income, getting visitors etc. have already been experimented on and perfected - by others. - Net Business Marketing Platforms: Website hosting services have never been of such high quality and so low in price. There are now lots of quality point & click easy webpage builders where as your required knowledge of HTML is minimal. As long as you can point and click and cut and paste you can put up webpages in a flash. No one builds a webpage from scratch anymore. No one. That's why there are thousands of quality templates and every decent website hosting service has hundreds of quality templates you can use. - Just cut and paste. Quality hosting services are going for just $5 -$15 per month. There are also quality software products that will actually build a 100 or 1,000 page site for you after you feed it some keywords and some basic content. Amazing! And now... Thanks to Web 2.0 communities, sites and free blogs folks don't absolutely, positively have to own their own website to be successful. (although it sure can help in dozens of ways) These Web 2.0 communities are making free & powerful marketing platforms available where as all you have to do is fill in some blanks and presto - you have a net presence and a marketing platform that's almost as powerful as a website. The pages at many of these communities have built-in visitor generators for inside the community and they also can be used to get listings in the free search engines such as Google. Building a web page of any sort was one hardest tasks to perform in the past but now, it's the easiest part of the entire online business process. Net Business Models: Established & proven net business models or systems for earning income have never been more abundant and inexpensive. There are many, many different methods/systems to earn a decent living on the net. Because of our different talents, temperaments and everyday time constraints every net business model won't be right for everyone but there are a few excellent earning models for everyone who's serious about earning a living on the net. - And of course all you need is one. Warning On The MLM Model: If you want success with a net based business, you are strongly advised to steer clear of anyone or anything that requires that you recruit someone who has to recruit someone in order for your to earn any money. It simply doesn't work offline and it doesn't work online either. ( except for the people that own and started the "programs" ) I call it the "Harry Recruits Sally Model" - also known as ... mlm or network marketing etc. I'll say it again - steer clear and stand on your own two feet. Do not count on Billy to recruit Janet or Harry to recruit Sally to build your business or you will be sorely disappointed. This is were most people start off on the wrong foot, get disappointed and then quit the biz - believing "internet marketing" is some type of scam when they got involved and stayed involved in the absolute worst net business model of them all - and then quit in frustration. Please acknowledge that you've been warned. Resources, Services & Tools: ...to conduct online business have never been cheaper, more abundant or more creative. In the past folks had to go through hell just to put up a webpage, or pay dearly to have it done for them - but not anymore. Other low cost and also free services have sprung up all over the net to aid online business people and the creativity, innovation and increase in ease, speed and productivity these tools and services bring to the table is truly amazing! Mentors & Their Fine Tuned Systems: Beloved internet business experts and their systems can be had for a song. These folks have already helped hundreds of thousands of people discover how to earn decent money on the net - and you can be next. The Video Age: Videos actually showing you what to do and how and when to do it for all sorts of net business activities are all over the net and dirt cheap. Niches Or People To Market To: With at least 50,000+ easy to reach different groups to market to, competition is still not a major problem. Even if a market is highly competitive it only means there's a lot of money being spent in that market and that's a very good thing. As long as you have a quality offer you can compete in any online market since there are at least a couple dozen simple ways of reaching most markets and getting lots of your intended prospects to view your offer. As a bonus... - Most people can work in a niche or with a group of people that they have similar interests and passions and that makes doing business on the net a lot more fun. Note: Good online business people don't care what niche(s) they work in - as long as it proves profitable. Important to understand: - Online business is not only about showing someone else how to make money on the net. - The "how to make money" market is just one of the 10's of 1,000's of lucrative markets available. - The "how to make money" market is the toughest niche to operate in other than the sex/porno market. It's soooooo much easier to market to people who are not trying to market something to you. - Most online marketers can easily operate in a field of interest to them if they so desire. - The internet marketing niche is best used to gain knowledge, tools and resources to use for profiting in other niche markets. What about? Traffic/Visitor Generation: (Getting Visitors To Your Offers) No cost and low cost methods of reaching a target audience has never been more abundant and easier to do for newbies that actually take strategic action. Almost monthly, new innovative and permanent tactics of obtaining massive amounts of absolutely no cost visitors are being devised and made available. There are dozens of methods to reach a target market but most people only need to master just 3 or 4 techniques and 5 figures of monthly traffic to a offer can be attained. - Generating visitors to your offers is in my opinion the #1 skill you have to master for success. And... - If you don't have a lot of time on your hands and simply want to pay for your visitors - that can also be arranged - rather inexpensively. Resistance To Buying Online Has Fallen By The Wayside: In 2004, according to the Jupiter Research, online sales reached a stunning figure of US$65 billion! It is projected to reach a whopping US$117 billion by Year 2008. It's now 2008 and the general public no longer has any problem at all with spending money on the web. At least 90% of online users have yet to purchase their very first E-book, which is a digital version of a book AND THAT IS A VERY GOOD THING! Selling information or anything else such as hard products on the web is about to explode. There are even a few net business models in which you can earn a very decent living - without selling anything. This is a good one... Your Super Creativity Is No Longer Necessary: You don't even have to be a creative genius or a rocket scientist anymore. To begin with all you have to do is model someone else's system and change a couple of tires - as in use that system in another niche, same niche or with a variation. If you don't have or want to create your own product - no biggie! There are hundreds of quality affiliate, resell & private label rights products available in most any niche market. Lots of people are making great money without their own product and the thought of creating their own product is not a concern at all because it is not necessary anymore. Extreme Plug & Play Solutions Are Available: There are a few high quality Plug & Play solutions that will enable you to simple fill in a bunch of blanks and presto - you have a online store ready to sell any group of products you choose. Then, your job is to simply generate visitors to the site. Trial & Error Is Brutal - Simply Model Success & You Will Be Successful - Faster! If you want to skip the normally extra brutal trial & error period to online business success and cut your learning curve by months or years, you'll have to invest in "how to" knowledge or a system from somewhere and save yourself lots of time and trouble in the process. - Why even attempt to re-invent the wheel ?? Just change a couple tires instead. As I mentioned earlier, excellent net business "how to" knowledge, systems, tools and resources can be had for a song. The question is.... how much is gaining more control of your financial future worth to you? It's... The Golden Age - The Perfect Environment & Magna Carta Time! All of the above combined makes this the absolute perfect environment and a Magna Carta opportunity for anyone who can follow instructions, with common sense, a decent work ethic and a smidgen of guts to slowly but surely create another source of income using a internet based business. This is surely the Golden Age for savvy small online business persons. Belief In Self: There are many folks doing business on the net that seriously do not believe in their ability to overcome small technical challenges or their worthiness for achieving success. Of course no one wants to admit it but the evidence is very clear. It's one of the major reasons good folks get caught-up with hokey programs (like mlm stuff) in the first place and lots of self sabotage is going on. Don't let it happen to you. Remember... This Is The Golden Age - Make Sure You Get Yours! Seek And Ye Shall Find - Thank God For The Net! There are... Hundreds of thousands of people - even millions around the world are quietly making extra, good, great, fantastic and even leave the job type of income with a net based business & you can join them.


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