What to do to get money online?

What are the different ways to make money online? I recently decided that I was going to try and achieve my dream of having an online business and a profitable work from home opportunity. So, lets get started. Affiliate marketing. One of the most common ways to make money online with your blog. It also works if you don't have a blog. Post your affiliate links in forums or do pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, article marketing or other available options. Carefully choose a product that fits your personality and interests. Give away free stuff from your website. Shocking, isn't it? Sure you can. Here is a company that will Hydra Network. Display advertising. The most popular may be Google Adsense. People make a lot of money with adsense. Another option, is you can display your own ad banners or promote products. Become a Link Broker. It's true website owners are always in search of good links to their sites. You can find those who are willing to sell and those who are willing to buy. A lucrative business model with ongoing commissions. Get paid to read emails, articles, and visit websites. This is very easy to get into just do a search. Matrixmails.com for example. Get paid to click. This is unbelievable, but its true. Clicksense.com is an example site. Get paid for helping people find jobs. Wow, in this recession, it's a plus. Referearns.com as an example. Get paid to post and share ideas at community driven websites with revenue sharing. Hubpages, Articletrader, Music Nerds, etc.. just a few examples of community driven websites with revenue sharing. These are revenue sharing websites that will allow you to do that and will share some of their advertising streams with you. You'll need a free Google Adsense or Kontera or Adbrite accounts to get paid. Fiverr.com is crazy cool. It's pretty cool. It has its basis in the childhood game of dare. I bet 5 bucks you wont do this. You need to take a look at that site to see the potential. Write a song for someone, make video, take a picture of yourself. Do social bookmarks, make a prank call. Whatever you're willing to do for Five Dollars there will be someone to pay you for it. Possibilities are endless. Write Reviews of software. Softwarejudge.com are awesome enough to you for this. The best, has yet to come. The best way to make money online now is to run a profitable website