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Hello dear friends,

I am very happy today since one of my new blog has been launched. It was my youngest blog that I have planned quite for long time. Because of the economy is not very good and the google seems very strict for blogging rules, many bloggers have lost their giant revenue this year. But for me, blogging is more than money. I love to share my opinion with my readers. Especially about my opinions for product sell on internet. The trend of shopping online is still relevant and even better before the recession. This may because, shop online save money and time. Last week, I have shop for a pair of shoes to replace my old one. There are so many options while you shop online and it makes me confuse.

So, I have some tips for you who plan to buy shoes. Shoe is like food because varieties of shoes design to full fill the customer desire. Specific shoes are only suitable for specific task. Golf shoes only suitable to be wear at gold field and Sneakers can not be wearing to play soccer. If you neglect all this, it can cause the shoes out before the suppose time. Please bear in mind to buy something that necessary for your wear. If you are searching for sport shoes, focus to find a pair of shoes that suitable for you. I love to shop at Shopwiki. It is because it is a great convenient to buy shoes at very large online store. Try look at their shoes, popular brand such as Adidas and Nike sell. Who know you will buy a pair of them.


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July 29, 2009 at 3:21 AM

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