Marketing Online - The Advantages Of Marketing Low-Cost Products Online

Before jumping right into the nuts and bolts of low-cost product creation and sales, I would like to take a moment to explore why one might want to invest in low-cost products. You may hear people say that high-ticket items are the only way to go. When someone makes such an assumption, be aware, because they are probably selling something. High-ticket items and services are good and needed, but often low-ticket items will be what bring volume to your business. You must seek out a healthy balance between the two.

There are several advantages to selling low-cost products and services. Some of them include, but are not limited to: creating "foot traffic", building a customer list, getting your products and services "out there", and using them to entice customers to buy your high-ticket products. These are just a few of the advantages that will be examined in this report, I am sure that there are many more that you will discover along the way.

Another advantage to selling low-cost products is creating a customer list. This can be one of your strongest assets to help you succeed in a bull market and survive in a bear market. A customer list allows you to stay in contact with those who have purchased your products. It allows you to receive feedback from them as well as let them know about new or improved products and services. The more people you sell to, the larger your customer base will be. Low-cost items appeal to a larger number of people therefore providing a larger customer base to build. If you are just starting, having some staple low-cost products and services are a must in getting your business off the ground.

A third advantage is getting your service and products "out there." What this means is allowing for people to get a taste of what you have to offer and allowing them to share that with other people. Have you ever seen those new restaurants that will have free samplings out on the street corner during a grand opening? They are working according to this same principle. If people are able to experience one's products and services with little risk to them, they are more likely to purchase a higher end product later on. Having several low-cost items allows people to get a good sampling of what you can provide them. And if they like it, you can be sure that they will be coming back for more!

That leads us to the next advantage of having low-cost products; you can use it to entice consumers into buying higher-ticket products. Have you ever heard of the proverb, "Those who can be trusted with little can be trusted with much?" The fact of the matter is that most people, consciously or unconsciously, abide by this saying. If they come to you for a small product, and they are satisfied, they will automatically think of you when they are in the market for something a bit larger. You may also want to provide samples or chapters of higher-ticket items for a very small price to encourage someone to buy the entire product. This can be highly effective, as both parties feel that they are getting a good deal.

This is probably the goal of all commerce, to get both the producer and the consumer to feel good about the transaction. Low-ticket products are great for this end. They help to establish a solid and positive rapport with your clients. And we all know that it is that relationship that will lead to further business transactions. Once clients have a taste of your low-ticket products, they can buy their way up the ladder, so to speakFree Articles, with confidence that it is money well spent.



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