Visit Australia This Summer Holiday

Hello my dear fellow friends,

It was 2 years ago when my last visit to Australia. I went there for visiting my friend who studying at Melbourne University. At my visit there, what I could comment was Australia is a beautiful country that rich with a lot of attractions either the natural landscape or the artificial theme parks. I did not want to miss that great opportunities and I have spend the whole weeks visit and enjoy at main beach noosa and Goldcoast. It was a very sweet and memorable experience in my life. I have another plan to visit Australia again for second time. In this trip, I plan to visit Hobart, Launceston and Devonport.

I choose Hobart as my vacation destination is because the second oldest capital city in Australia.It riches with natural attractions with complete package include the Hobart Accommodation, wonderful foods and tourist guide. Same with Launceston and Devonport both are having the natural uniqueness and make it attractive.The Launceston Accommodation is also nice, comfortabe and affordable suit with your budget. Some nice tips for newbie that can help your vacation soon is find a destination that you know well or you know somebody that you can lean on. This is because you do not want to be cheated and turn your vacation mood to a paranoid memory. The person that can be trusted such as tourism agent , friends or relatives. The easiest way is by contacting the tourism agent.

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