Record Your Products: Reap The Rewards of Recording And Getting Your Product Done Faster And Easier.

Some of you will remember when we had to type on typewriters. Some of you, present company included, may even remember when we had to type on “standard” or manual typewriters. For those who aren’t in the know, that’s a typewriter without electricity

Then we got electric typewriters. That was something new to learn, but all our work could be done faster, easier and with less mess.

Then came computers. There was more to learn but with this technology life was made even easier for secretaries, writers, or anyone having to convey information with the written word.

With each of these advances there were those who said they couldn’t do it. They didn’t like it, they didn’t like change. They could get along just fine, thank you very much, with a manual typewriter, or an electric one. They didn’t need computers. There was too much to learn. It was too different.

Don’t let that attitude keep you from learning the latest time saver for transferring words to paper and that is the digital recorder. As the manual typewriter has given way to more sophisticated electric typewriters, which have given way to the computer, so, too, has the digital recorder made it faster and easier to transfer the spoken word to the written word.

On the average a one-hour recording will yield about 20-30 typewritten pages. That means that with a one hour “conversation,” speaking your story or information into a recording device, then getting it transcribed, you can transfer your spoken word to a document in about 25% of the time it would take you to type it yourself.

It may take a bit of practice to learn to dictate into a recorder, but once you have, you will find that you can save yourself a ton of time. Statistics prove that the longer it takes to complete a project, the less likely it is that you will finish it. Embrace this new technology.

Here are some guidelines you should consider when purchasing a digital recorder:

1. You must be able to download your recording to your computer. Some of the less expensive recorders are not “downloadable.” You need to be able to transfer your recording through the Internet in order to send it to a transcription service or even if you want to transcribe it yourself.

2. Although most recorders come with internal microphones, it is best to have the capability to attach an external microphone. External microphones work better to record presentations or to record from a distance. Additionally, you can elect to use a lavaliere microphone for yourself and not be hampered with holding the recorder. Or, if you are recording more than one person, such as if you are interviewing someone, you can get an attachment which allows you to hook up two microphones.

3. The recorder should have at least four hours of available recording time using the high quality recording setting. You want to make sure the recorder has enough time to record a full presentation before having to be downloaded to the computer.

The capabilities of recorders change all the time, and in my recent research I found that the prices, like anything else, are coming down drastically and we are getting more and more recording time.

I checked out the Olympus recorder on the Internet and found a very good quality recorder for around $100.00. I also found that you could buy this at Best Buy in the Los Angeles area at the same price. Other locations such as Samy’s Cameras for those in the Los Angeles area, Circuit City, Radio Shack and Frys may also have them.

For those of you who live in the Los Angeles area, I found an Olympus and a Marantz at Samy’s Cameras which uses a flash card and can get you as much as 4G-8G of storage space. Both of these sell for just under $400.00. The Sony or the Edirol are also good recorders, and have similar capabilities and prices.

Buying a recorder is much like buying a blender or a computer. Although it’s wise to buy as much as your pocketbook allows, at the same time, you don’t need to buy more than you will use. Why spend the extra money.

A digital recorder is small and easy to use. On it you can record all of your information products, plus your presentations, blogs or articles.

Embrace this new technology. Using a digital recorder to record your information product, presentations or teleseminars, will allow you to finish your product in less than 25% of the time it would take you to type it yourself. If you get your audio transcribed, once you get it back, all you have to do is edit it and you can have your product completed in less than a week.


Important Tips On Buying Guaranteed Downline Leads

Although you can also earn big bucks though selling your MLM group's products, you still need dependable and industrious downline as leverage.One of the hottest ways to establish a big and wide downline group in an instant is through buying guaranteed downline leads from companies or individuals, usually found on the Internet. The World Wide Web is teeming with people and groups that are promising to provide you with the number of downlines you need for a fee.However, not all of the online providers of guaranteed signups or leads can be trusted. A number of such companies are actually just taking advantage of gullible individuals and are not really interested in providing quality downline leads.In order for you to not fall prey of the unscrupulous groups that are claiming to provide best guaranteed downline deals, you need to be vigilant. The following are useful tips that will help you differentiate a legitimate company from a bogus one.Ensure that the leads are not paid leadsIn order to come up with the required number of leads required by a buyer, several online companies are paying people to become leads. More often than not, such companies are also the one paying for the sign up fee of the paid leads that they have sold you.Paid leads are not good downlines because they do not have the motivation to work in an MLM setting. Moreover, such leads will not be interested in establishing their own downlines. Although many say that MLM is a numbers game, you won't benefit from 5,000 or even 10,000 leads that are just concerned on getting paid for signing up.In the MLM setting, you need a good set of downlines for leveraging. If you don't have downlines that will work in expanding their teams and selling products, you will not be able to make it big in this kind of industry.Thus, you have to ascertain that the downline leads you are buying have knowledge of the MLM set up and are joining because they want to take advantage of the opportunity. Being able to find at least 5 working downlines from the 500 leads you have acquired is much better than acquiring signing up thousands of downlines who are not motivated to sell and join the group.Check company backgroundBefore making any investment decision, you first need to look at the background of the company that is offering you investment opportunities. You need to check if the group is legitimate, reliable, and provides quality service.The same is true in buying guaranteed downlines. You need to check, first and foremost, the legitimacy of the website. As I have mentioned earlier, there are many fraudsters lurking on the net, so you need to be very discerning when it comes to buying leads.Check how long the company is in business and how long it has been providing the services that you are looking for. Also, ask around about their experience with the company. Better yet, enlist the services of the group that your close family and friends can vouch for.Be sure that the company provides quality leadsIn determining whether the leads offered you are quality downlines, you first need to check how the company solicited or secured the guaranteed leads. If it is through spam e-mails or the like, you need to think 100 times before acquiring such leads. Your account might be terminated once the MLM company you joined learned that you got your downlines from any form of spamming.When buying downline leads, you need to ensure that your will be given a geo-targeted list. Ensure that the downlines you are receiving are English speakers, if you donĂ­t know how to speak other languages, such as Chinese or Spanish. If you want to be able to meet your downlines, you also need to specify the location where your leads should come from. If you live in North AmericaArticle Search, it will be very difficult for you to communicate and guide your downline if they live in the opposite side of the globe

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Make Money With Your Blog At BloggerWave

Make Money online is really easy and fun if you know the right way. I am not internet marketer expert that can make thousand dollar by selling product through internet.I am blogger but I happy since blogger also is a part of internet marketing member.Blogger has blog as platform to through idea and opinion.Good blog with high traffic can generate a lot of money.You can start it by register your blog to bloggerwave.

Reserve Mortgage For Senior Citizen

Hello my dear friends,

Money is always the best reward to encourage people. Since nowadays need money, who are rich and have a lot of money, will rule. Desperate people who need money will obey anything as long they can live in luxury. That is the common factor of corruption that happens in the world. We can not blame anybody in this issue. The drop of increase of economy and sometimes monopoly by certain people will cause unbalance lifestyle. The high life cost in metropolitan city force people to work hard and even make part time work to light their burden. Loan and credit are example of burden. People have no choice and they must to settle their debt every month. Good news for those who have properties to reduce your burden through reverse mortgage method. It only valid to anybody with permanent properties dedicated to senior citizens.

Mortgage is a method of we need to pay every month because we make loan to buy properties. When it already your, you can apply reverse mortgages where the bank will pay you every month. That why it called as reverse mortgage. The main purpose is to help the senior citizens who can not afford to work anymore or retired. It just likes your pension money. Reverse mortgage is still new in the society. You can get reverse mortgage information through website or the nearest bank. If you think this article is useful, spread it to anybody you like. See you in the next post.

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Which is the best debt solution for you?

If you are in profound debt and struggling to find a way out, opt for debt solution. None of the debt solution measures can eliminate all your debts. But it can certainly reduce your debt burden. Debt consolidations, debt settlement, bankruptcy, are some of the effectual debt solution measures. Not all the procedures will suit you. To choose the most relevant debt solution you should understand the different means of debt solution.

1. Debt consolidation:

Debt consolidation is the most accepted debt solution method. This process helps you to lower your interest rate and waive off the late fees. If you opt for debt consolidation, the debt consolidation company merges your multiple debt payments like the medical bills, credit card bills, unsecured debts and all other payments into one. You would have to make a single monthly payment to the debt consolidation company and the company shall pay your debts.

2. Debt Settlement:

This is the most effective means of debt solution. In fact it is an alternative solution to bankruptcy. The debt settlement company negotiates with all your creditors to reduce your payable amount to nearly 40% to 60%. This is the process by which you stop paying to the creditors but keep saving the money instead. After your have accumulated at least 50 % of the loan amount, your debt settlement company shall negotiate with your creditors. Even you can negotiate with your creditors while settling your debts. But if you are unable to do so certainly contact a debt settlement company. However it is very important to take the correct decision at the exact time, while opting for debt settlement. Be careful while selecting the correct debt settlement firm.

3. Bankruptcy:

While opting for debt solution, if all other options fail, you can file a bankruptcy. It is the easiest way to reduce or eliminate debts. When all other options, to come out of the debt phase are closed, you can declare yourself as a bankrupt. Basically, it is a legal process in which the person or the company declares that he is unable to pay his debts. The process of bankruptcy helps them to eliminate their debts or repay them under the protection of the bankruptcy court. The total number of bankruptcies in US is at a rise. Recently 1,794,795 number of people have been discovered to be bankrupt.

Despite having several advantages, bankruptcy should be avoided. If you are declared a bankrupt, then it will be reflected on your credit report for at least 10 years, from the day when you have been declared a bankrupt. Bankrupt people cannot easily purchase or rent a home or purchase insurance. Personal Bankruptcy can spoil your social status to a great extent.

Though you can pick up a debt solution process yourselfBusiness Management Articles, but always contact a financial expert before opting for a reliable debt solution.

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Eliminating Debt For Financial Freedom Vision

Hello my dear friends

Normally people graduate from university or college at the age of 23.Some of them prefer to work and the other may continue their study to higher education. As fresh graduate, how much will you get paid? Currently, as an engineer it is only $2500 as starting salary. Is it a big number of money? If you live alone and no need to be a breadwinner it may enough. But generally people tend to marry and have their own family. As a breadwinner you need to have strong financial source or good financial management skills. If not you will involve in bad debt management problem. Worst, you can declare bankrupt if you cannot pay for all your debt. So the first step to avoid bankruptcy is bewaring while applying for loan since it only can burden you. You can choose to live in a moderate life but peace and happy without having headache to solve you debt. In other words, eliminate debt for a comfortable life style.

Next, in different situation, some people can not avoid from lending money and make loan. Maybe because of the emergency reason that really important. But every problem has it solution. Same with bad credit problem you can solve it as long you know what it really works on. Firstly, you may need advice from finance advisor on how to manage your money. It starts with your income and monthly earning that will be used for settling your debt. Normally, financial advisor will ask to be discipline and avoid wasting your money for something not necessary for eliminating debt. Debt consolidation also is a method to less your monthly burden. Several debts will be combined and normally the payment is lesser but increases the term. You may choose any finance advisor such as eliminatedebt.org. It is easy to deal through internet and save your time. You can have a test a see the difference. At least it only cost you a little money for all that service.

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Share Adsense Revenue And Get Paid For Your Articles

There are many Article Directories on the Internet vying for you original articles. Some of them are for free and some of them charge you to post your articles. Most of the article directories make money and the ones that do not are the ones that are not able to generate traffic to their web site.

I work hard to create quality articles. And the reason I work hard is that I want to get traffic to my web site so I can generate income through Adsense or through sales. The more traffic I can create the greater my income. This is not a difficult concept to grasp and most of the people that create and post articles on the Internet have grasped this concept.

I have thought about creating a web site for article submission for myself because I believe that is where the big money is. But I released that I am not good enough when it comes getting good placement with search engines or getting high page ranking. So for now I will stick to what I know.

I have notices a new trend developing over the last year or so. Article Directories are starting to realize that in order to get quality articles they need to do one of two things. The first is to get the page rank of the article directory high enough that quality authors will be eager to post with them. The higher the page rank, the better the back link to your web site. A better the back link means more visitors to your web site.

The second thing that some article directories are starting to do is sharing the Adsense Revenue generated by your article with you. Article Writers that have found article directories that have started sharing the revenue are flocking to the article directories to post articles. This means that the article directories can be a lot more quality oriented and will reject trash articles a lot quicker.

The good article directories will use both concepts and that is why I have created this article. I have found several article directory web sites that now share the adsense revenue generated with the authors that post with them. I have created a page on my web site that contains all of the article directories that I have found so far and as I find new ones I will update the list.

If we all utilize the services of the adsense revenue sharing web sites then sooner or later the rest of the article directories will have to follow suite or go out of business.

The web site is www.dfcinvestment-team.com

As of Aug 13, 2008 I have found 9 article directories and 3 blog site that will share revenue and 1 that will pay you outright for your article. I am currently doing research on other sites.

You will want to book mark this page and check for new directories once a month or so.

I do not endorse any of the sites listed and before join, please read terms and condition carefully for each website. It’s your responsibility to thoroughly investigate the legitimacy of each site before handing over your AdSense ID to them.


The Article Corral. When your article is being looked at 50 percent of the of the time the Adsense ad's are yours. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. In addition they will auto submit your articles to other Adsense Ad sharing web sites in the same group. Be sure to use my user name when signing up for your account so I will receive credit for you.

Id = InvestmentDave. http://thearticlecorral.com


The xomba. Pays 50 percent of the Adsense Revenue. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. I like this site. You can upload pictures with your articles and the pictures can be used as a link back to your web site. You can also insert links to your website or affiliate links if you wish. Good Adsense page impressions.



Squidoo - Pays 50 percent of the Adsense Revenue and a portion of the other sales like ebay and amazon. Requires a paypal account, if you need a paypal account see the link to paypal on this page. Be prepared to create an article (Lens) when you click on the following link. They want you to create something the same time as you sign up. Don't worry you can always delete it later. In early 2007 this was a good site to submit your articles too. You could have made 50 to 70 cents per article per month but now is about 5 cents per month.



Helium. This web site pays based on the quality of the article and on the amount of traffic it generates. Good site with a good return.



HubPages - Pays 60 percent of the page impressions and other amounts for referrals and other stuff. See the help page for details. Requires an Adsense Account with Google, eBay IdHealth Fitness Articles, Amazon Id. All can be applied for at the hub web site. See the help page for information. This is another good place to post your articles. Good Adsense page impression.



Article Directory Index - Pays 60 percent of the revenue share to you. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. I have never received any adsense page impressions from this account.




Rumorist - A new web site hosted in Australia. When your article is being looked at 50 percent of the of the time the Adsense ad's are yours. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. Very few Adsense page impressions from this account.



ChickLog - Owned by the same people that own Rumorist. They are specializing in women's issues. When your article is being looked at 50 percent of the of the time the Adsense ad's are yours. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. Very few Adsense page impressions from this account.



GuideDawgs - Pays 40 to 55 percent of the Adsense ad impressions that you receive on your articles. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. Very few Adsense page impressions from this account.



FunAdvice - A blog site. Your adsense appears on your question pages for 40% of page views: this means that 40% of all revenue earned from your questions will be yours. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. I do not blog so I can not tell you any results from this account.



PlugIM - A blog site. When your article is being looked at 50 percent of the of the time the Adsense ad's are yours. Requires an Adsense Account with Google. I do not blog so I can not tell you any results from this account.



PayU2Blog - A blog site. Receive assignments for specific blogs. Pays $5.00 for each completed blog writing assignment. Requires a PayPal account. I do not blog so I can not tell you any results from this account.



Associated Content will pay you for each Unique Article. You will have to rewrite the article if you plan to post it someplace else. It is not a lot of money but is nice for some quick cash.


Forex Trading To Make Money Online

Hello my dear cybergold readers,

I believe many of you love to make money online. One of the easy money to generate through internet is forex trading business. But it has high risk and big capital that investor needs to prepare. But many people have proven out there forex exchange business is possible to be mastered by everyone. By keeping enough stocks online and selling when it high demand you have success and a step closer to be rich person. Need information and guide you can visit etorousa.com.A lot of information provided there.Good luck.

Some Good Reasons to Visit New Zealand

How much of you have been and experience visit New Zealand? It is a peace and green country. One of the best products made by New Zealand is fresh cow milk and exported to worldwide. Feel the fresh air breathing to the wonderful and beautiful natural grass field. New Zealand also is a four season’s country. Every year tourist comes from abroad to feel the flourishing of spring and play snow or ski on winter. Even you can get all that at other European countries, there are something make New Zealand unique. The tourist industry has developed as one of the main economy activity in New Zealand. The government encourage increasing the number of hotels in main city such as Auckland and Wellington Hotels. It is to give comfort facilities to all visitors who come to New Zealand.

New Zealand is not only known because it natural attractions, it also rich with historical attraction spots. For example Christchurch is a great place to visit. It is a huge heritage of when Christ spread first time in New Zealand. Near by you can rent many choices of Christchurch Hotels with affordable price. So, it is another good reason to book your ticket visit New Zealand.

For those who are rugby fan, I believe New Zealand international team has million of fans worlds wide. Well known as “All Black” always performs with high skills and good tactical game. Knowing how they train and you only can get it by visiting New Zealand. Normally fans can meet their admirer player at Auckland. As usual you can stay at many cool and comfortable Auckland Hotels during travelling. New Zealand is a huge island surround with ocean. You can join Cruise line holiday during your visit to New Zealand also. It will be fun and memorable moment for you.