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Many webmasters put up a website and then go figure out how to do SEO, so they get tons of traffic and make money. I seen many webmasters do this. Some have a blog filled with content about anything and everything, others have adsense websites. I seen all types of sites that even with tons of traffic the website will not generate any income. Here is a time tested method to make money. If you are a beginner or you make little money online this is perfect for you and has a potential to make you four to five figures income online. Instead of create a blog filled with adsense or articles, or a website filled with affiliate links or adsense you can sell one thing from your website in one niche. You are doing the same thing all others who do not make money are doing. So you need to move onto something else, you need an accurate plan how your website is going to make money. So the question is, do you know how your website is going to make you money? If you are not exactly sure or you are not sure how much potential it has, you probably are not going to make any money if you do not change what you are doing, to improve it. Let us start from step one to become a super affiliate. First of all find an affiliate program you can join for free. Find something you are familiar with, so you sell something you can easily talk about, or something you love. Make the decision and take time to find it, since you will be stuck with it for a long time. Even though you can change it later on. So for example you join an affiliate program in the search engine optimization niche, find a product that has a great website, great software, customer support and everything else. This is the product you are going to sell, so find the best product. Then instead of creating a blog and start chatting about how good or bad it is, of fill it with articles and then put in your affiliate link, you do something different. Create a website with its primary intention to sell your product. In other words you put in a salespage if the product owner you are selling has a salespage. If they sell the software via an optin page, be smart and do as they do, try to understand their strategy and do something like it. I am not saying you copy their salespage, but write a new one. So you create another website just like the website that sells the product you joined in as an affilaite. After all if they are making money with that kind of strategy, you are going to sell the exact same product so you can create a similar website. Then you can drive traffic to that website via seo (by improving search engine rankings) or other traffic building methods. Again you can check out what the product owner does, if it is working for him, it will work for you since you are selling the exact same product. So do not launch another website or blog just like all other affiliates. Be smart and follow this tested and proven method. You have all the ingredients to make it happen online, and at the same time you are building your skills. Promoting affiliate programs is the best choice for beginnersArticle Search, because if you cannot make money selling as an affiliate then it probably means you cannot neither with your own product.

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