Another 10 Analytics Tools For Blogs

# Blog Tracker - Free from IceRocket but limited functionality
# Performancing Metrics - Basic is Free, or $3.99 to $16.99 per month for more features
# Site Meter - Basic Free and Premium versions $6.95 and up
# Mint - Popular web stats with bloggers for $30 per site
# MyBlogLog - Basic blog visitor stats and social networking. Free and paid versions.
# Feedburner Stats - StandardStats Free, TotalStats $4.99/mo
# Wordpress Stats - Free basic blog stats plugin for Wordpress blogs
# Google Analytics and Feedburner Stats - Free plugin for Wordpress blogs
# eXTReMe Tracking - Free web stats with a paid version for $4.50 per month
# Web Stat - Many web stats features for $5/mo
# TraceWatch - Free but you need access to your server which should be running PHP/MySQL



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