Portugal Another Destination For A Great Vacation

Have a great morning my friend. Last time I shared with you about vacation in Italy and France .This time I will share another cool tourist destination in Europe which is Portugal. Portugal is very familiar with the historical attraction. Every year, it attracts over 12.8 million tourists from around the world. The tourism increasing is very important since it contribute the gross domestic country revenue for Portugal. The government is encouraging the tourism by developing facilities and modern accommodation. To provide comfortable accommodation to tourist, the authorities built variety of Portugal hotels as tourist convenient. You sure will like it traveling and stay at luxury accommodation such as Algarve hotels and Madeira hotels.

What will you visit when you reach at Portugal? The most popular tourism spot in Portugal is Lisbon. If you a fan of Portugal soccer league, Sporting Lisbon is the former of Cristiano Ronaldo before he transfer to Manchester United. You can directly call the tourism customer service to get more information about Lisbon. But if you need place to stay I personally recommend you the best of the best Lisbon Hotels under one roof. You can book for accommodation in Lisbon online anytime and anywhere. Just visit cheaperthanhotels.co.uk for variety tourism destinations on map.

Beside than Lisbon,Madeira and Algarve also are other famous places to visit. Each place has it own uniqueness and advantages. Since every year the population of tourist is increasing, more places are developed now to be future tourism spot. That all for now, anybody who have been there before maybe can share you experience as guide for us. Happy holiday guy and see you around.

Business Loans To Start Your Own Business

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Cheap Domain Registration To Start Your Online Business

Getting started to involve in internet business. Many internet entrepreneurs have proved that you can generate thousand dollars from internet. It is true business that totally using internet as your business medium. Not confident about the potential buyer that will buy your product? Latest statistic from world internet usage and population for 2007 stated that the internet users are 1319872109 user. Imagine that you have buyer from world wide since in online business you have border free.

First step to be an online entrepreneur is doing some research on what will you do. What kind of product you are able to sell in huge amount. Next proceed to build your selling website. It is not compulsory to have beautiful and high technology website. As long as it can attract and convince to buy, that is a good website. The more important I want to highlight here is how you can bring your website to the world’s eye. You need to buy hosting and make domain registration. Actually is not so difficult to register your domain. One simple tip is choosing domain that can give symbolic to your product. To get cheap domain name I personally recommend paylessdomains.com.au. Why pay more if you can get it less. It has served thousand online marketer and they absolutely satisfy with the service. So grab this opportunity and start earn money from internet.

PageRank - Does It Still Matter?

Because directories are generally quite large, they need a certain amount of PageRank to get all of their pages indexed properly. However a high PageRank isn't the be-all and end-all. Google's recent crackdown on directories has made visible PageRank even more irrelevant when it comes to choosing directories. There are directories out there that have no PageRank whatsoever that can offer value.

If a directory is ranking well in the search engines then you can rest assured that it has enough PageRank. If you're unsure then check how many links it has via Yahoo! Site Explorer or another link popularity checker.

Cash Advance For Urgent Solution

Money is very important nowadays. Sometimes if you have problem about money let me share with you this useful information. Congratulation because you just found the best resources for payday cash advance. For emergency purpose if you face finance problem cash advance loan is the best option than lend to shark loan or your family members. Basically, Cash advance loan is a flexible and instant approval that can be applied range $100 up to $1500. The approval is just overnight and you will receive your money immediately after approval. No needs to meet anyone your cash advance can be processed smoothly. That makes it really helpful to solve your urgent money problem.

I personally recommend trustsource.org to apply for personal loan. You just need to fill the form provide. To make it simple; you just need to follow the step for applying for payday loan. Less document need to make you eligible to make a loan. All the transaction is going to be done online. They intention is to help you not to increase the problem you are facing now. Last but not least cash advance is your instant cash help to help you until you get your monthly salary.

Holiday In Whistler The Best Ski Resort

Have you been in whistler before? It is the best ski resort in North America for 8 years and continues to lead in this tourism industry. It is well known and the tourist visit to whistler increase every year. This positive development encourages them to move aggressive in the future with more development projects. Whistler has a pair of mountains, three glaciers and more than 200 marked trails via 33 lifts. The lifts have a capacity of nearly 60,000 skiers per hour. If you want a rest from the skiing there are 18 different restaurants on the mountain and variety of whistler accommodation facilities provide to give comfortable and conducive surrounding.

Do not worry about the accommodation since they are really concern about it. You can book online the accommodation that suits your condition. You can choose weather to stay at Whistler lodging or Whistler condo rental. To make it easy, on the website for online booking, they provide form that you need to fill in. You will be given complete quote .If you agree you can proceed to book it on the date you want. There are variety of Whistler properties such as Cedar Ridge 17, Powderhorn 309, Forest Trails 34 and many more. Price offer also is affordable and you can get discount. If you have inquiry or doubt you can contact to free phone at 1 877 697 7776 or send email direct to the customer service. You will never disappointed with their service.

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Why Insurance Is Compulsory?

What can you do to protect your properties if it’s involved in accident? We never know what will happen tomorrow. We cannot stop an accident but you can insure it to guarantee solid finance later. Actually there are 3 main insurance which are life insurance, car insurance and home insurance. You can help people by advice them to buy life insurance your life is more important than money. If anything bad happen to you during the period of coverage your beneficial will receive help as what you agree in the agreement.

It is a good start for making research before signing for any insurance or income protection. It is compulsory to study the policy and package offered I have guide for those who are researching for insurance cover. For example To find car insurance, there are broker that will help you to find the best auto insurance in through all the insurance companies. Then they will give you instant quote so that you can you’re your decision

Beside two type of major cover insurance offered which are life insurance and car insurance your home also should be cover with home insurance. As I mention before to find the best home insurance you can search on website. With only few steps by filling all the information needed in the form provided you can get your life insurance quote immediately. They guarantee that you will get the best life insurance ever suit for yourself. Do not waste your time, grab this opportunity fast before they close the offer.

Submit your Website At Max Directory

If you just start you business website and officially launch it, I just want to wish congratulation because you are a step closer to financial freedom with internet business model. Business is the key of wealthy and no body can doubt the truth. Website without promotion never can make sale. Firstly you need to make your website seen by search engine by indexed in main search engine. This can be done by submitting link to web directories. You can choose to submit your link for free or paid web directory. Normally paid submission will guarantee the better result. I said of my experience in online business. But free submission also has it own advantages. It is depend on your budget

Then, if you really interested to know what is the best web directory to submit your web I personally recommend Max directory. It is free web directory offering variety categories and subcategories. Even though it is free submission by making reciprocal link it can help faster the service of indexing your website in the directory. It important to ensure your link is added in link directory t o make you visible by search engine .It will boost your traffic and give huge popularity to your website. More visitors mean more sales you can make. Extra, you can get knowledge by reading interesting articles. When you have done submit your link to web directory you can do other web promotion to increase your selling.

10 Secrets Of Getting Massive Traffic Exposed

11) Make sure your blog has an RSS feed so if you capture a reader you don't lose them if they forget to bookmark your site or blog.

12) Join relevant groups at Yahoo groups. You'll find everything from groups on growing your small business, writing books, finding your passion, even underwater basket weaving. I dare you to find one that isn't right for what you're promoting. When you do find the right group, join and participate as you can!

13) Podcasting is another great way to drive traffic. Start a podcast by going to Audio Acrobat. There are other programs you can use, but I love Audio Acrobat. You can record the podcast over the phone quickly and easily and then hit the "send" button on your computer once it's recorded and the system will syndicate it to 27 podcast directories including iTunes. It's a great way to let people know about you and your web site!

14) Start a blog and then once you do, start commenting on other people's blogs, linking to them from your site or adding them to your blogroll.

15) Inbound links: don't squander your time (or a perfectly good link) on smaller low-traffic sites. Instead spend your time going after high traffic, high quality sites. Good sites should have a PR (page ranking) of 4-6 depending on the market. You can find out what a site's page ranking is by downloading the Google toolbar which comes with a PR feature built in.

16) Start an email newsletter: while it may not seem like a newsletter that you email can drive traffic to your site you'd be surprised at the effectiveness of this type of promotion. If your newsletter (like your articles) is interesting and relevant to your audience, you'll find that it has a huge pass-through factor, meaning that it is passed from one email subscriber to another. Also, if you have an email newsletter you should never, ever go to a single event without your handy signup sheet. Yes, you can even use offline events to drive traffic to your web site.

17) And speaking of offline efforts: if you're ever quoted in a magazine or other publication, make sure and mention your URL as it's appropriate to the topic. Don't be too pushy about this, but do not forget to tell folks you have a web site that may be a great resource for the topic of your interview.

18) If you have products to sell, why not get a store on eBay? This site gets a tremendous amount of traffic and on your sales page you're allowed to list your URL. It's another great way to get an inbound link and a way for people to find you.

19) Load a video on YouTube and 57 other video sites (the rest listed on my Red Hot Internet Publicity blog).

20) While this isn't a tip per se, it's still important. If you're going to go through all the trouble of getting traffic to your site, make sure your site is converting this traffic into something. Get folks to sign up for something, your newsletter, the RSS feed on your blog. Whatever it is, getting their email address will help you remarket to them when the time is right. Studies show that visitors landing on a site often don't buy the first time. That's ok! You want to get them into your marketing funnel so you can market to them again and again – not in a way that's obtrusive, offensive or downright annoying, but in a way that is helping them with their own mission.

An example of this might be an email newsletter. A helpful, informative newsletter is a fantastic funnel. A blog is another great way to keep people in your marketing loop without bombarding them with "please buy my stuff" email messages. Also, make sure you know what your traffic numbers are before you launch into any Internet marketing campaign. By traffic numbers I mean how many people are visiting your site. You want to know this so you can gauge a before and after view of your marketing efforts.

20 Simple Ways To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Site

mbarking on an Internet marketing campaign doesn't have to be difficult, tricky, or complicated. Here are a few simple ways (twenty in fact) that you can easily implement to get tons of traffic to your site right now!

1) Write articles: believe it or not this is an incredible tool for driving traffic. Well-written, relevant articles can net quite a bit of activity to your web site. Don't forget to add your URL in your byline. Articles should be 500 to 2,000 words in length. You can send articles to sites like: Article City, GoArticles, Submit Your Articles and Ezine Articles.

2) Social bookmark *everything* - and I do mean everything - you can bookmark each page of your site and each blog entry you post. While this might seem tedious, it's worth it. You'll see a strong increase in traffic if you social bookmark each page on your site and each of your blog entries.

3) List yourself in the best directories – you'll have to pay for this but since most people don't do this (since everyone's looking for a freebie) you could really enhance your traffic by getting a listing: dir dot yahoo dot com, business dot org, botw dot org.

4) Get yourself listed at: DMOZ dot org – it's not easy to get listed there, but worth the effort.

5) Review: if you can review hot new products or books within your market, head on over to Amazon and start positioning yourself as an expert. In order to do this effectively you'll want to create an Amazon profile and make sure and sign each review with a reference to your URL (your web site). You can also go to Epinions and Revoo to review products as well.

6) Offer a freebie on Craig's List: you'll be amazed at how much traffic you get from a single Craig's List ad. The key here is to send people to a page on your site and make sure they have to sign up for something (like your email newsletter) before they can grab their freebie. That way you're not just getting traffic, you're also building your list.

7) Create a "recommended by" list on your Delicious page – you can do this by logging on and creating an account and there and then tagging articles, blogs and other content you think is important to your readership. Then offer this page as a resource site. You can add a link to this page in your email signature line or on your web site.
Does Your Site Stand Out or Stand Still?

8) And speaking of your email signature line... do you have one? If you don't, create one. Believe it or not, people do follow these links. You'll be amazed how many folks read email signature lines. I have one and change it several times a year, depending on what we're doing or promoting or what books I have coming out.

9) Lend a helping hand: you can be an answer person at Yahoo Answers – you don't have to spend hours on there, but maybe a few minutes a week. Make sure and include a link back to your site following your answers.

10) Set up a social networking site using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Squidoo. It's free and easy to do, just don't forget the all-important link back to your site!

Holiday In Mallorca Island For More Enjoyment

I love to go for holiday because I can rest my body and soul after hard work in my career. For a better holiday, you have to plan wisely to avoid problem. Holiday in Europe is very interesting since many best places to visit. Food and accommodation are other things need to be considered when you stay abroad.

This post is the continue of last post of visiting Spain as holiday destination This time I would like to share with you all the excitement holiday in an island. Spain also has many beautiful islands such as Marllorca Island. It is a great natural surrounding is the best attraction. Tourism facilities such as Mallorca Hotels and Ibiza Hotels also built to welcome the visitors.

Palma de mallorca is the main city and entrance to the island of Mallorca.It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and part of the Balearic Islands archipelago The population of the city of Palma proper was 383,107, and the population of the entire urban area was estimated to be 517,285, ranking as the 12th-largest urban area of Spain.

Beside that Ibiza Island is another beautiful island for tourist industry. The Island of Ibiza is most famously known for its summer parties, with thousands of people flooding in for the big summer club nights. After party you can proceed to famous hotel such as San Antonio Hotels to rest. The service provided is good and satisfaction guaranteed.

Hopefully my post about holiday in Spain will give us positive input. But as I mention just now planning is very important. Fail to plan mean you are planning yourself to fail.

4 Benefits Of Starting A Home Based Business

Perhaps you are considering starting your own business and are not sure if it's for you or not. In this article we will take a look at four things that I think is great about starting your own home-based business.

Working in your own home business offers many benefits. Perhaps you are considering starting your own business and are not sure if it's for you or not. In this article we will take a look at four things that I think is great about starting your own home based business.1. ComfortHave you heard of the phrase, "from the comfort of your own home?" There really cannot be a more comfortable way to work then doing it directly in your own home. You eliminate all the hassles of working with coal workers and employees, fighting traffic, and things like these. There is no better place to work than in the comfort of your own home.2. FlexibilityStarting a home-based business of your own gives you the flexibility to do it the way that you want to. You can set your own hours and work around your own schedule. You can work longer and one day and take the next day off if you so desire. A home-based business is perfect for anyone from single moms, to married couples, and retired people.3. ControlHow you choose to run your business is up to you because you are in 100% control of it. You do not have a boss telling you what to do. You decide what products you want to sell and what price you want to sell them for. This is your own home-based business, and you are in control.4. MoneyMost people start a home-based business for the money. Not everybody does, but I think you'll agree that money is an important aspect of any business. The nice thing about running your own business is your income is not set. There is no ceiling on it! If you want to make more money you can sell more products, create more websites, change the price, and do just about anything you want.By now you may be wondering, what are some of the negatives of starting a home-based business of your own. And the answer to that is, yes, there is. You do not have a guaranteed paycheck once you leave your job. You are responsible for your own benefits such as health insurance and your retirement fund. And working at home for yourself can be lonely.HoweverHealth Fitness Articles, most people will agree that starting a home based business and working for yourself offers many more benefits than there are negatives. Hopefully these four benefits we have listed and you will see are nice things about starting a home-based business of your own.

Holiday In Spain Destination That You Can Consider

It looks like holiday is coming soon again for Chinese New Year and Valentine day. Have you plan for your vacation with your love one? This is the only time to spend with your family. Make sure you make a wise planning to have an enjoyable holiday ever in your life. Holiday in Europe is very interesting since many best places to visit with affordable budget Good food and comfortable accommodation are other things need to be considered when you traveling to abroad. But all problem can be avoided if you you’re your travel. For example if you choose Spain as your destination, you may stay in variety famous hotel such as Alicante Hotels and Benidorm Hotels. Where located attractive places for tourism are you also can find cheap and affordable hotel.

For those who still new with Spain, It is popular with historical places and natural attraction. Costa Brava is situated northeast area of Spain. It is well known with its beach attraction. Every year many foreign visitors come to feel the excitement sun bath and beaches in Catalonia. Do not miss to view the beauty of sun set. You can stay at Costa Brava Hotels near the tourism location.

From Catalonia you can travel to Malaga. You can find Costa del Sol as one of the popular tourism destination. Since it has high value of tourism, authorities had plan and done many development program to encourage international tourism. Costa del Sol Hotels, Shopping complex, Souvenirs Centre are core of the tourism facilities. It will redevelop in the future to understand the current demand.

Hopefully my post about holiday in Spain will give us positive input.But as I mention just now planning is very important. Fail to plan mean you are planning yourself to fail.Happy holiday.

Design Your Own Tshirt Online

Cloth is a basic need since people have civilization. We wear cloth everyday weather to go working, sport and even sleep you still wearing pajamas. The price of cloth depends on it quality and brand. Some cloth made by glamour brand such as guess, Adidas and Nike offer you an expensive price but your satisfaction is guaranteed. What we wear also symbolize our attitude. If you appearance are smart and steady It will represent your smart thinking. The development of fashion is really fast and keeps moving. Every day more new design of cloth is launched to full fill the demand in the market. The fashion industry involves much manpower and it gives positive injection to human civilization. Beside than buying already made cloth some people prefer cloth made follow their own design. They send the design to tshirt printing company.

It always involves people who want to show their own identity represent specific society or club. Club members will design the shape and then ask the manufacturer to realize it on Tshirt. One of the company that running Tshirt printing online service is tshirtprinting4u.com. It is leading in serving people doing souvenirs and printing. They are specialist and expert in doing any tshirt printing job as your desire. Special feature for customer, you also can design tshirt online with their guide. I believe it will be more interesting and nice. If you interested to order for your own design you can contact them at their official website www. tshirtprinting4u.com. Satisfaction is their guarantee and you will like it.

Pay Per Click Success Secrets - 15 Reasons You Must Avoid for Your Success in PPC Online Advertising

Within this article, you will discover common reasons why advertisers are failed in pay per click (PPC) advertising game, particularly Adwords game. With those reasons, it will help you find out how to success in this game in the future. Those reasons are significant elements for you to leverage and learn from other's mistakes and experiences in order to success and win this Adwords game in the future.

1. Give up too quickly. Many studies reveal that most Adwords advertisers are failure because they give up too quickly. They expect to earn money quickly and easily by setting up a campaign and wait for money rolling into their bank, without any further action, in short term. They are wrong. It is not easy like that!

2. Lack of the strategy planning. It is obviously that planning is a key success factor for all kinds of business. It will help you to minimize redo and undo tasks. Also, it will help you to settle your own direction. Most Adwords advertisers should plan their strategies, budget, and their action in the PPC online advertising game, but they do not.

3. Lack of creativity. The internet marketing and PPC online advertising is an art, not pure science. All Adwords advertisers should come up with their ideas, creative and new strategies for testing their PPC advertising campaigns all the time. Otherwise, they will fail and can not win this game.

4. Lack of systematically testing system. In the internet marketing, particularly in PPC online advertising world, you must test everything in the systematic way, which you can test. In the Adwords advertising, you should test: (1) keywords (2) ad-copy (3) landing page (4) campaign management and organization and (5) other things, of which you can think. Most failed advertisers do not test in the systematic way and some of them do not test anything.

5. Lack of well-understand in the market and people. There is no doubt that the more you understand your market and people, the more opportunities to earn money on the internet you have. You have to put yourself into the customer's shoes. You have to think like customers. Most Adwords advertisers fail to do this. They are rush to set up their PPC advertising campaigns with their mind and hope that they will generate a lot of money for them without any additional actions. They are wrong!

6. Lack of well monitor, tracking and evaluation system. In the PPC, other keys to your success are: (1) monitoring your campaigns, keywords, ad-copy and landing page (2) tracking the sales, keywords, conversion rate and cost, and (3) evaluate the high performance campaign, ad-group, keywords and landing page. Most of advertisers can not do these systematically. They wait and guess for their monitoring, tracking and evaluation!

7. Lack of consistency. This is a really important factor to your success in any kinds of business in the world. Many researches reveal that most successful entrepreneurs love what they do and they do their works consistency and continuously. On the other hand, other entrepreneurs can not achieve this. They give up and do not do their work consistency when they do not see big money and big results in short term, like weeks, months. That is another reason why they fail.

8. Lack of keyword bidding strategy. This strategy is one of the most significant strategies in the PPC online advertising. The golden rule of winning this game is to avoid the bidding war! Most new and failed advertisers have not the keyword bidding strategy. Without the bidding strategy, there is no any effectiveness at all!

9. Lack of well-organize campaign. Well, many researches reveal that managing and organizing are two of the best behaviours for advertisers to do for building their highly relevancy and successful PPC advertising campaign, particularly Adwords. With the well-organize, it is easier for advertiser to run and grow their relevancy PPC advertising campaigns.

10. Lack of niche profitable and negative keywords. The PPC online advertising is similar to the keyword auction game. With this sense, keywords will become the first critical factor for success and winning the PPC advertising game. Without niche profitable and negative keywords, you are losing your own money. This reveals that keyword research is one of the most important processes to success in PPC online advertising. Most people fail with their effective keyword research.

11. Write the poor and unattractive ad-copy. Without the attractive and eye-catching ad-copy, you can drive visitors to your landing page through PPC online advertising. Your click through rate (CTR) will be definitely low. Most advertisers are failed to write the powerful and attractive ad-copy. There are a few basic rules for writing the ad-copy in PPC online Advertising, which are to: (1) include the keywords in your title of ad-copy (2) address the benefits of your products to your ad-copy and (3) test various strategies for writing your ad-copy.

12. Drive visitors to the poor landing page with low conversion rate. The conversion rate is the best critical factor for all advertisers to concern and test heavily. Without high conversion rate, you can not turn your visitors into customers and earn big money on the internet; even you have a lot of traffic. There are many guidelines of how to build a high conversion rate landing page on the internet. However, one of the most critical factors for your landing page is "headline". You have a several seconds to load your website and grab your visitors' attention with your title.

13. Lack of secrets weapon software. With the appropriate software, it is easier for you to manage, monitor, track and evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns. There are many kind of secrets weapon software you must have for your own PPC online advertising if you do not want to fail: (1) keyword research tools (2) keyword bidding software (3) campaign management software (if you are running multiple campaigns in multiple search engines) (4) monitor and tracking software and (5) spy competitors software. Most advertisers do not invest on those tools. They believe that they can do everything by themselves and free tools. Many researches show that those paid tools can help advertisers a lot in term of effective researching, managing, monitoring, tracking and evaluation.

14. Can not stay on top in the trend of PPC online advertising. There are many changes rapidly in the world of PPC online advertising. Most advertisers are tired of staying on top in the trend and do not want to keep updated the technology. Those are reasons why they are failed in the PPC online advertising world. Current technologies or solutions can not solve tomorrow problems in some situations!

15. Focus on only one PPC search engine. Many advertisers are only focus on one PPC search engine at a time. Obviously, if you want to drive more traffic to your website and earn huge of money on the internet and do not want to fail in PPC online advertising, it is a great idea to run multiple PPC search engines at a time. You can test keywords, ad-copy, landing page across those engines as well.

Final thoughts, if you do not want to fail in PPC online advertising, particularly in Adwords, you have to avoid those above mistakes. You have to be self-improvement, be patient, be consistency and be strategic to build, run and grow your success PPC online advertising campaigns. It requires a lot of effort and time to build super-profitable PPC advertising campaigns!

Capital For Your New Business

I have a good resource that can help new online entrepreneur to get capital for starting your business. Do not worry anymore since assistant can be obtained easily if you know where to get it. Introduce one of the famous finance lender company which is EZUnsecured.com.It is specialist help to give start up financing to new entrepreneur no matter what kind of business are you going to run. Finance management is very important to avoid loss. To show concern they provide quality finance loan program. They are not shark loan, so the payment scheme is not a burden. It is not a big problem to startup financing new business because of the easy pay back scheme. Your loan approval is fast and maximum 3 weeks to get your money. Remember good start-up financing management contribute main factor of success. Plan your business well and I confident victory will be mine.

Internet Marketing Tips - Advertising Resources For Newbies To Avoid

If you want to make money online, you will need to get the hang of the various promotional methods available on the Internet. There are free advertising resources as well as paid for advertising. Some work, some are a pure waste of time and some only work if you know the right way to go about it. Let's have a look at a three Internet based advertising methods.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are often used by Internet newbies because firstly they are free and secondly they are easy to use. The problem is that traffic exchange advertising does not work for every type of offer and you need to know what works and what doesn't if you are going to use traffic exchanges successfully. For the average newbie, advertising on traffic exchanges represents a lot of wasted time.

The problem for newbies is that your advertisement will be seen by other webmasters who are interested in promoting their products and not in looking at yours. You, however, as a newbie, will be bombarded with ads inviting you to sign up for all sorts of money making programs, useful tools and so on. You can easily find that using free traffic exchange advertising ends up costing you money because you have been tempted into signing up for some useful items. Save traffic exchanges until you know how to use them properly.

Safe Lists

Membership of a safe list program, entitles you to email your ad to everyone else on the list. In return you agree to accept ads from all the other people on the list. You will be inundated with emails, and this could mean hundreds of emails every day depending on the size of the list. The people on the list are there to promote their own goods and services and most will probably not even open your email, let alone read your ad and click through to your website.

Most safe list members use a free throw-away email account and have all the mail directed straight to trash. The chances of your email being seen by a potential customer are extremely slim; it is up to you to decide if that slim chance is worth the time you will need to spend on sending emails to the list.

Purchased Leads

Most Internet marketers will tell you that you should never purchase leads. Leads, for the sake of complete Internet marketing newbies, are details of people who are purportedly interested in your product and would welcome an approach from you. The problem with leads is that they are either cheap and completely useless or expensive and mostly useless. The cheapest leads will have been obtained by dubious methods (ie stolen), they will be years out of date and will have been sold many times over.

If you buy these you will be paying for out of date information and details of people who have received so many unwanted approaches from other Internet marketers that they would be more likely to come after you swinging a baseball bat than sign up for anything you recommend.

If you buy expensive leads, they will normally be fresh but they will still be sold to several different people and if you are unlucky enough to be the tenth person calling them with an offer, you won't get a warm welcome. These leads might also have been obtained by the offer of an incentive, and you will find that they are not interested in your offer and only signed up to get a freebie .

In summary, I would not recommend any of these three promotional methods to newbies. Bulk emailing to safe lists is a waste of time, paying for leads is a waste of cash and traffic exchange advertising is only effective if you know what you are doing.

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Reason To Visit Italy This Holiday

If you love to go holiday maybe I can share with you my experience holiday in Italy. I am a hard fan of Italy football club. Beside than having a good soccer team, Italy is another great destination for holiday. I think every body knows that Italy is a beautiful country and have it own tourism attractions. The heritage that still preserved till nowadays is a pride for its citizen. But if you are planning your vacation to Italy and search for best hotel in Italy to stay, keep reading this post. You sure will like it.

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Many attractive places can be visited when traveling in Italy. If love to visit Rome or called Roma in local is the capital of Italy. It is well known since thousand years ago because of the contribution in human civilization. It also is the center of Roman Catholic Church in the world. You can reach there through two main airports and you can proceed to Roma Hotel near by. Last but not least, for art lover do not miss to visit Firenze since it rich of history, architecture and hard. You can rest at Firenze Hotel for a while before proceeding to the next destination next day. Pisa tower and Milan are other attraction wait for you. Have a nice day holiday in Italy.

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Session - Drive Traffic with Google

This was more of a speed intro to some of Google’s newer services. Topics included Google Analytics, Google Gadgets, Webmaster Tools and Personalized Search. Each presenter gave a quick 10 minute overview of their topic and it was hardly enough to really get to know much about each service. The real value of this session was in the question answer portion. I learned that Google’s personalized search is going to offer analytics in the upcoming weeks so that you can see what people are looking for in your custom search. Customized Google Analytics reports are also being discussed, however it’s hard to say when that may become a reality.

They also made a point to say ‘come and ask me questions’ at their booth. That’s what I’m saving my questions for as it they are a bit more complex than can be answered in the Q&A area. I do know though that I’m going toinvestigate Google Gadgets a bit more as a traffic driving opportunity.

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Another 10 Analytics Tools For Blogs

# Blog Tracker - Free from IceRocket but limited functionality
# Performancing Metrics - Basic is Free, or $3.99 to $16.99 per month for more features
# Site Meter - Basic Free and Premium versions $6.95 and up
# Mint - Popular web stats with bloggers for $30 per site
# MyBlogLog - Basic blog visitor stats and social networking. Free and paid versions.
# Feedburner Stats - StandardStats Free, TotalStats $4.99/mo
# Wordpress Stats - Free basic blog stats plugin for Wordpress blogs
# Google Analytics and Feedburner Stats - Free plugin for Wordpress blogs
# eXTReMe Tracking - Free web stats with a paid version for $4.50 per month
# Web Stat - Many web stats features for $5/mo
# TraceWatch - Free but you need access to your server which should be running PHP/MySQL

Online Casino Blog For Online Game Fans

Bret Casino is a free online guide which become popular and one of the best online casinos on internet. This website was established since years ago when online casinos started turning up on the internet. In the main page, featuring online casino blog, casino forum, gambling guide, casino slots and bonus reviews.Since to many online casinos nowadays as guide,they have an organized list of online casinos that were ranked according to the welcome bonus, payout %, etc. The information of the list is regularly updated so that you will have an idea which online casino will make you most of the money. Profit is our priority.

Online Gambling Directory at Bret Casino lists the best and most reputable online casinos. Many visitors satisfied with the service and left their feedback. To help the gamblers the site regularly updates the online casinos blog post. You can read tips and tricks to maximize your profit. The list of online casino is reviewed by expert gamblers. Bret Casino site is simple and easy to navigate. You will love it soon.

10 Analytics Tools For Blogs

* 103bees - Free web stats (ad supported) up to 100k visits per month, then it’s $9
* Enquisite - Free, extremely detailed web stats
* Hittail - Provides suggested topics for your blog by keywords used in referral traffic
* Crazy Egg - Provides overlay, list and heat map web stats
* RobotReplay - Lets you record visitor actions on your site and play them back
* Clicky - Web stats plus feed and Feedburner stats
* Google Analytics - Web stats, not really the best for blogs but it’s free
* StatCounter - Free web stats
* Co.mments - Track comment threads starting on your blog and follow them elsewhere in a feed
* Blog Tracker - Free from IceRocket but limited functionality

What You Need To Know Before Buy Viagra?

Since it introduced in market to be solution for erection problem, it become one of the influence medicine nowadays. Viagra is by far the most recognizable brand name and for the drug sildenafil citrate. Process of producing and marketing conducted by It is produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, and is also sold under the name Ravatio and Caverta in certain locations throughout the world. Viagra is produced for one reason and one reason only, to treat erectile dysfunction, or as it's more commonly known, ED.

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All Search Engines Love Spiders

Nearly all search engines utilize spiders (which are also known by their original name, robots) to go out and scour the web looking for web pages. These search engine spiders then bring the data back to be indexed by the engine.

Since roughly 1996, individual meta commands have existed that can be used on individual web pages to modify how these search engine spiders behave. The most useful of these commands are fairly universal and respected by almost all search engines. What follows is a list of some of the more popular spider commands and instances in which you might want to use them.

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This meta command is one of the most common ones used – and it is also the least necessary. It tells search engine spiders to come on in and put the page in their index. However, all search engines do this by default anyway. Basically, if you want to put it in there for fun, be my guest, but this command is not giving you any special treatment. All search engines are going to index your page, unless you specifically tell them otherwise.

The follow command is different from the index command. It basically requests that the search engine spiders follow the links that are on a particular page. Again, however, this piece of code is completely unnecessary because all search engines are going to follow the links on a page, unless otherwise directed.

The noindex command, the opposite of the index command, tells search engine spiders not to index the content of a page. It's important to note however that search engine spiders will still follow the links on a page that uses only this command.

When not used for legitimate purposes, this tag can be dangerous because it can put you at risk for penalization by most, if not all search engines. This is because you can use a noindex tag to hide pages with multiple links that you don't want visitors to see but that you do want all search engines to index.

There are however some legitimate uses for the noindex command. For example, if you have a dynamic site and you've created static pages to replace some of your dynamic pages, which can make them easier for search engine spiders to access, you could put a noindex tag on the dynamic version.
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As Google mentions in its Webmaster Help Center:

"Consider creating static copies of dynamic pages. Although the Google index includes dynamic pages, they comprise a small portion of our index. If you suspect that your dynamically generated pages (such as URLs containing question marks) are causing problems for our crawler, you might create static copies of these pages."

In cases like these, it is acceptable to use the "no index" command on the dynamic version of the page, so that your content will not be treated as duplicate. You are not tricking all search engines, you're just redirecting them.

This tag tells search engine spiders that it's OK to go ahead and index a page and list it but that they shouldn't follow any of the links that are on the page. This can be useful if, for example, you had some partners that requested a link on your site that you felt obligated to give, but you wanted to hold onto as much Page Rank as possible. Now this is of course between you and your personal god, but you would be able to in effect have a partners page, add the nofollow attribute to the meta tags, and basically not pass on any of your Page Rank to any of the sites to which you are linking. The nofollow command in effect tells all search engines that this is the end of the line.

Obviously, noindex and nofollow are powerful tags – and in combination, they can make a page and the subsequent pages to which it links invisible to nearly all search engines. This combination command tells search engine spiders, "Do not read this page; do not follow any of the links on this page; do not include this page in your index."
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This command has its beneficial uses. For example, it can be placed on pages on a site that have duplicate content for legitimate reasons. A website might have both a page for the United States and a page for England that cover the same product with exactly the same content. However, nearly all search engines would see this as duplicate content and could devalue both pages. So placing this command on one of them means that search engine spiders will walk on by and you won't be penalized.

Finally, almost all search engines today, including Google and Yahoo, provide a cached version of a site alongside its listing that provides a snapshot of what the page used to look like. The noarchive tag, therefore, is available to be used in circumstances where there is content on your website that is of a timely nature and therefore that you might not necessarily want search engine spiders to cache for people to have access to moving forward.

For example, a business might run a one-time special that has a ridiculously low price to drum up some business while things are slow. The business will want to be able to shut that sale down as soon as sales are back up to a solid level. However, it is conceivable that someone could click on the cached version of the business's site, see the old deal that was out there, and insist on getting it for themselves. By using the noarchive tag, you are telling search engine spiders, in effect, "This page is subject to frequent changes, and I don't want my visitors to have access to some of this content at a later time."

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10 Search Tips that give better performance to Internet Marketers

From kids to the old, everybody searches and search engines provide search tips to help searchers get more relevant result.But how many of those search tips are you using? There are some tips very useful especially for Internet marketers and web masters. I've summarized those tips and explained how those search tips can be helpful for Internet Marketers in this article.Although I'm writing this article for Internet Marketers, the usage of these tips applies are not restricted only for them.Suppose you want to write a web page, find or create a web site about 'Internet Marketing Blog.' You may want to know or should know :-) what's going on about 'Internet Marketing Blog' on the net. So, you'll open your favorite search engine, type internet marketing blog and hit enter.What do you get?You'll have search engine result pages (SERPs) that includes all three terms plus those includes only two of them or one of them. This is not what you wanted.

1. How to make SERPs include all three terms?
Use plus sign in front of each search term. That is, type; +internet +marketing +blog . This applies all search engines.
Now you may wonder is it possible to have the SERPs including internet marketing but not blog?

2. How to make SERPs exclude a certain term?
Use minus sign in front of search term you want to exclude. That is, type; +internet +marketing -blog . You'll see the web sites that include both internet and marketing but not blog. This applies all search engines.
Going back to the starting point, the above two tips are still not sufficient to your purpose: getting information about "Internet Marketing Blog." Say, you wanted the exact phrase.

3. How to make SERPs include the exact phrase?
Use quotation mark. That is, type; "internet marketing blog". This applies all search engines. Many searchers know this tip and it's especially important for Internet marketers when they want to know how many competitors are out there.

4. How to make SERPs show the pages that include search terms in the title?
Type; intitle:"internet marketing blog" for Google and Teoma. Type;title:"internet marketing blog" for AltaVista, AllTheWeb and MSN. This tip is powerful if you want to write web content about your targeted keyword. The benefits are : * You'll know which web sites have the pages that compete you. * You'll find what are they doing in their pages. * As a consequence, you'll know what you can learn from them and more importantly you'll find what they are missing. Hence, you can find the way to beat them.

5. How to make SERPs show only PDF file?
Suppose you want to offer a free e-book, say "Greatest Marketing Secrets" which is in PDF format, you may want to know how many web sites are offering this free e-book. In Google can this be easily done by typing "greatest marketing secrets" filetype:pdf. You'll see how many web sites are offering that e-book and which web sites as well. Google has an ability to show another 12 non HTML file, such as Word, Lotus files.
For Yahoo!, digging into advanced search tips link, you can achieve similar result.

6. How to know whether your newly uploaded page is listed on search engines?
Type; allinurl:yourhome.com/uploaded.html or site:yourhome.com/uploaded.html in Google.
For AltaVista, Yahoo! Search, MSN, Excite and Northern Light, use url instead of allinurl. But unlike Google, you may have to place http:// in front of domain name in other search engines. For AllTheWeb and Lycos (for AllTheWeb results only) use url.all, and for Inktomi originurl.
If you don't see any result or see something like "... did not match any documents", try again placing "www" in front of domain. Both result can be different. If both results fail to show matching page, it means that page is not listed yet.

7. How to make SERPS show only in certain web site?
Suppose you want to see the pages includes exact keyword phrase "internet marketing blog" within a certain web site, you can achieve this by typing "internet marketing blog" site:anyhome.com in Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, Excite and Netscape. For Altavista, use host instead of site, for AlltheWeb and Lycos use url.host and for Inktomi domain. You may use this tip to figure out what your competitor is doing with this keywords.

8. How to know how many pages of your sites are listed?
The search tip 7 can be extended for this purpose. That is, type: yourhome site:yourhome.com in Google. This shows all the indexed pages in yourhome.com because all your pages include "yourhome". For other search engines use appropriate search command, for example, host instead of site in Altavista.

9. How to know which web sites linked your site?
You may wonder which web sites are linking to your site. To find out which web sites and how many, type; link:yourhome.com in Google, Yahoo! Search, and Altavista. But you may have to place http:// in front of domain name for the search engines other than Google. For Inktomi use linkdomain instead of link and for AlltheWeb use link.all.

10. How to know when search engine crawled your site?
One way to know this is to see log file on your server. But what if you want to check how often the 'spider' crawl your competitor's site? Every search engine spider takes a snapshot of the web sites when it visited. And it records the date when it takes a snapshot. Because of this you can know when the spider crawled your site or your competitor's site. Type the search command explained in search tip no. 8, for example, yourhome site:yourhome.com, and then you'll see the SERPs listing your web pages. In the result page, you'll see "Cached" or "Cached Page" link for each page. Choose one of them, click it and then you'll be leaded to the snapshot of that page. Around topArticle Submission, you may find the date when it was took and that's the date when the spider crawled your site.

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Free Classified To Help Boost Your Selling

Searching for item or you want to sell yours to public through internet? How can you make a sale without to spend any money for advertising? Many internet marketers have proved this method is really works. Without any hide, the method I mentioned just now is through free classifieds on web. Thousand of free classifieds that offering their service to advertise you item, service or announcement. More promotion that you make on classified, mean more chance to get a buyer. What are your free classified ads that you really visit everyday? Mine is ohsohandy.com.It free and has thousand unique visitor everyday that searching for item.

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Power TIPS for a successful home business

The main objective of email marketing is to collect address. Without addresses you cant send emails! The emails you collect are going to make the difference. So start when you think. This is the time to start building your email list or prospects.

The most simple method to build your email list is to save the email id’s of people who visit your website .As simple as it is!!!
Ok, now as I said the easiest way what is the easiest way to convince people to give you their email address? Quite simple: Offer a freebie with a sign-up form on your site, drive traffic to your site, and watch as people start entering their email address.

Okay, now you have the email id’s, what next! If you are going to sit with them, then there is no pint in collecting all these emails, right?
Right .now what do you give away for free! You have loads of sites giving freebies, like ebooks, free software etc. Find some and send them to your subscribers.

And also its very easy to make money if you have a good email-list of committed people. Note: committed people. It is always better to have 1000 committed people instead of 5000 no use subscribers.

Now you have subscribers. Sent them emails with useful articles, strategiesHealth Fitness Articles, marketing tips which should pull them in to marketing. Look for articles or write on for yourself. I would recommend the second one because nothing like a personal touch will pull more subscribers to your lists.

Follow these steps and you are sure a winner!

How To Make Your Mother's Day More Meaningful

Mother is a human that very important in our life. All of us were born by mother and not enough from that she raises us with full of love. Every year people around the world will celebrate Mother’s day to show their respect and appreciation to mother contribution. This celebration was started since thousand years ago. The history of mother celebration day believes was started since thousand years ago. The official day of celebration is different depend where it celebrated. The majority of countries celebrate Mother’s day on second Sunday of May. On this meaningful day, children and family will give presents to mother. Special attention will also given by family and friends.

But many people also forgot about mother’s special day. On that reason, mothersdaycentral.com comes out with special stuff dedicated on mother celebration day. If you do not know about the history of mother’s day, spend you time to read through the revolution. When you know why it celebrated, then your mother’s day will be more interesting. Mothersdaycentral.com also provides souvenirs such as gift, card, craft and many more. Get assistance to arrange activity during mother’s day with their check list. New idea and well planning is very important to avoid dull celebration. Get your update and news of mother day with their blog. As conclusion, mothersdaycentral.com is one of the best resources to show your respect for mother. Now you know how to make your mother’s day meaningful.

12 Bum Marketing Tips That You Can Use Today

Bum Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. Thousands of people are using Bum Marketing to bring in a very good income. Once you learn these simple Bum Marketing tips you will have money coming to you month after month, year after year.

Bum Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. And the best thing about Bum Marketing is that it’s free to do. That’s right, you don’t need to spend any money out of your own pocket. Once you learn some simple Bum Marketing tips you will have money coming to you month after month, year after year.

Thousands of people are using Bum Marketing to bring in a very good income. So keep reading to uncover some great Bum Marketing tips that you can use to increase your monthly income.

1. Articles and more articles. The more articles that you are able to write and get in the directories, the higher your ranking in the search engines will be.

2. Try to find a niche that is interesting to you. Writing articles is a whole lot easier if you are interested in your subject.

3. Submit articles to the major article directories every day. Don’t let up on this. This is one of the best Bum Marketing tips you will receive. Consistency is the key to get a high ranking in the search engines, which in turn means a high income.

4. Use Yahoo Answers for keyword research. Type in your keywords and see if people are asking questions that contain those keywords. If so, then start writing articles around those keywords.

5. Build a blog around your niche. This is one of the most critical Bum Marketing tips. Most article directories do not allow affiliate links, so you need a site to link to. A blog will give you a site link without the expense and time of building a website for each product you are promoting.

6. Jump on the social network by using Squidoo. The search engines are starting to love Squidoo, so build a lens around your niche.

7. Target phrases that have between 1,000 and 10,000 optimized results on Google. The lower the results, the better chance you have of getting on page one of Google quickly.

8. Forget all the complicated SEO tricks. Another very important tip in a long list of Bum Marketing tips is to make sure your keyword phrase is always included in your title. Then place it a few times throughout the article as I’ve done here. Keyword = “Bum Marketing Tips”

9. Write articles that contain tips and how to information. People love tips and lists so write articles that have a list of tips included in them.

10. Another great Bum Marketing tip is to write a FAQ article. Visit Yahoo Answers or forums and find the most frequently asked questions concerning your niche. Then write a FAQ article around these questions.

11. Here’s another great Bum Marketing tips that most people don’t think about. Use a pen name when submitting your articles. This does two things. First of all, unless you are a natural born writer, your first articles may not be that great. A pen name will keep you from being embarrassed about the quality of your articles. Secondly, once you get well known in the Internet marketing circles, using a pen name will keep your competition from searching out your niche markets.

12. One of the most important tips of all. Be persistent. If you really want to make a decent living online it is going to take some hard work and persistence.

Bum Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take some time before you start making money on the Internet. But if you use the above Bum Marketing tips and research Bum Marketing tips heavily on your own, it will start to snowball and you will consistently see your online income increasing over time.

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If you love to play casino, it is not compulsory to go to Las Vegas. You still have another choice play casino. The level also is high as Las Vegas casino. The casino I meant is via online casino. Online casino established since decade ago but it become popular nowadays. Competition makes many of online casinos offering variety of games and promotion to attract visitor to their website. One of the best online casino resources blog is x-casinos.com. It is competitor in this stream and always come out with new idea to make online casino always attractive. The target traffic is United State player but no matter where you live you still can get connected because online casino coverage is very wide and no border.

Adsense Slaps Foreign Webmasters in the Face

Google today announced they are changing their referal payout system and some big publishers really feel its a slap in the face.

Here are the 2 key points:

If you’re in North America, Latin America, or Japan, the pricing structure for AdSense referrals is changing.

What does it mean? Basically that you are going to make less money… a lot less money. Ill sumerize it for you. The current payment structure you get $5 who makes $5 (in 180 days). You get $250 for referring someone who makes $100 (in 180 days) and if you refer 25 people who make $100 within 180 days you get a BONUS PAYMENT of $2000 WOOT.

What is it going to? Well its going back to the old you only get $100 if you refer $100.

So why does this suck? Well I am guessing 80% or more of the people refered make less then $100 in 180 days. This means you get BUTKUS:

OK so I hear you foreigners… This doesnt effect you right… Well technically right this rule does not apply to you. Ohh but Adsense has something for you.

If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.

They are terminating your referral program completely…. thats right… If you are not in the Americas, or Japan… your done.

From Australian based Darren Rowse AKA Problogger:

Yes you hear me right, its about the location of you as a publisher that excludes you from participating in the AdSense referral system. It’s got nothing to do with your audience’s location, the topic you write about, the quality of your blog or any other factor - it’s about where you blog from.

I’m not privy to the reasoning for this - they simply say ‘We’ve found that this referral product has not performed as well as we had hoped in these regions’ - but in my mind this is stupidity to the ultimate degree.

Hey Indians, Australians, Germans, Brits

What did the five fingers say to the face?

Top 10 Tips To Optimize Your Internet Marketing

The top 10 internet marketing tips for 2008 are:

1. Optimize your website's content
2. Create a content development strategy for your website
3. Invest in a paid search (pay-per-click) campaign
4. Publicize your website through article marketing
5. Develop a social media marketing strategy
6. Create a Company Blog
7. Experiment with video marketing
8. Engage your audiences with web widget marketing
9. Discover the benefits of mobile marketing
10. Create an effective email marketíng strategy

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Choosing the Right Keywords

I found Mark Horrell's Keyword Density Analyzer very helpful. It told me the words, and frequency of each word, that the search engine robots will see when it visits my website. With this information, I was able to pick keywords which were already optimized on my page.

The issue then becomes, are these the right keywords? Are they the words that really best describes your site? Do they relay what your site is really about? ( relevancy is a must for Goggle!). Do they tell the story about the products you are selling? Will they target the right customers? Or maybe, you have a site like mine, which is in a very competitive market for each keyword. For example, Google returns, 594,000,000 possible pages for a search done on the word, software-- Oh My- How would anyone find my site in that crowd!.

Websites most easily found by search engines are niche sites where there fewer choices. However, it is hard to be niche site when one is selling popular products!
Or is it? Try using keyword in your meta tags and on you website which are more exact-- for example, if you are selling advertising, try Illinois Website Advertising. Be creative!I found help to expand my keyword list, niche it, at wordtracker.com and goodkeywords.com and by using the Overture and Google Keyword Tools.

Frequency of keyword placement on a website is important. Too many times and the search engines will think you are spamming it. For exampleFind Article,.if you use a keyword more than 5 times in the keyword meta tags. But it must appear at least four times on a page to be pick up as an important keyword by the search engines. Placing keyword as names of links and as headlines between
is important too. If this takes up too much space or is too large use to reduce the size inside th tags. See for more marketing tips.

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5 Features Of An Effective Ecommerce Web Site

Building an effective ecommerce web site demands that you have a basic level of web site creation experience and a working knowledge of HTML.

How to gain suitable experience

The best way of obtaining experience of web site creation is to just jump in and play around with some practice sites before you attempt to build your first ecommerce web site.

There are several free HTML editors available on the web or, if you are already familiar with the Microsoft Office applications, then you may want to buy Microsoft FrontPage as you will find the user interface quite familiar.

Basic ecommerce web site design

The design of your ecommerce web site should be in keeping with your business niche. For instance, a professional, clean approach for formal businesses such as investment and insurance; or a friendly, funky feel for a matchmaking site.

You only need to do a search on Google to see what sort of designs work for the highly ranked ecommerce web sites in your niche. If the market is competitive too you can assume that these designs have been tested for their effectiveness.

Effective keyword research

Keyword research is the starting point for all successful ecommerce web sites. You need to discover what phrases your potential visitors are typing into their browsers to find sites such as yours.

You may already have a good idea of the keywords you are targeting but if not, then you can use free tools such as the Google tool included in their adwords program or, you can make use of the popular Overture Inventory tool.

If you wish to move on to a more thorough research tool then you should consider investing in Wordtracker, a very powerful tool popular with internet marketers.

Browser compatibility issues

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that everyone uses Internet Explorer. Granted it is the most popular choice by far, but there are also many people who dislike it enough to have chosen one of the many alternatives.

You need to view your completed site in as many browsers as possible to ensure it looks the way you expect it to.

Keep image files small

ClearBusiness Management Articles, fast loading product images are essential for an effective ecommerce web site. Nothing has visitors reaching for the back button on their browsers quicker than a site that is slow to load. In fact it has recently been measured that your site has only 4 seconds to load before most people get impatient and click away.

It is essential that you keep graphics files to a minimum size.

Take note of these five issues and you will be well on your way to creating your own successful ecommerce web site.

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