Wordpress users - Have you tried All in One SEO Pack plugin?

For those of us who started to venture into the internet using Yahoo Pagebuilder, Dreamweaver, HTML kit, Microsoft Frontpage or other similar html programs, we are very attached to our meta tags. Inserting meta tags was like the very first thing we do.

What are meta tags?

It is some invisible words that tell the search engines what is our site about. You do not see those words on our website but they are able to be read by the search engines. What I know is Google SE doesn’t bother about meta tags. However, Yahoo and MSN do.

How to add it in?

If you are totally new, you can get one of those online sites to generate the codes for you. LinkWorth tools has it. Or if you are using Wordpress, there is this plugin call All in One SEO Pack. Previously, before I have this, I use autometa, which is another plugin.

Why is it important?

With the All in One SEO plugin, I can now insert the keywords in my title and they will be marked as meta tags. This means, I can use wacky description for my blog post, using some irrelevant words and put something more descriptive in the meta.

Recently, I notice all those guru-wannabes dispensing rehashed blog advices like using good keywords in title and bolding them per keywords. So, let me do you a favour. Just use the All in One SEO Pack. It works out of the box.

Let’s take a look at how it works. In my previous post, the blog title is ““I lost Google PR due to PayPerPost? (PPP)” but I have entered a more boring but relevant title in the meta tags.


This is what appears in the meta tag. Well, if you are writing a personal blog, putting relevant titles can be very boring so I find using this good to get those keywords working.


The above is what I inserted in the meta tags. You won’t see it but the search engines will.

Now, go on and try it out and I hope you see your traffic increasing. Me? I haven’t notice anything yet.