New Coupon For Adwords

A while back I showed a example of people gaming adwords. I got a lot of emails from people asking how 1 person can have so many Adwords accounts and how could they possibly be making a profit on this.

I believe there is a big problem going on right now with Google Adwords in regards to Virtual Credit Cards mixed with Adwords Coupons. A person could get a Virtual Credit Card for less then $10 (if not free) then use $25-$250 Adwords coupons. Here is a link for free $50 in Adwords (from Yahoo Small Business) for new accounts. So if you make a new account with a Visa Gift Card with $5 on it then use a $50 Adwords voucher x 20 accounts you have $1100 to spend and have only invested $100..

I will be honest with you I have not tried the above method. It just seemed to make sense. Recently people all over the web are selling loaded Google Adwords accounts (charging $5.49 for a $50 account) with the coupons already applied. AND they are giving volume discounts………. And they are EVERYWHERE.