How I Make My Passive Income

If you still newbie and don't know what is the best way to make passive income let me share something with you.Maybe you already know but I just wanna to share this opportunity again and again.

Affiliates -

Positives - Tons of Money, tools to get creative.

Negative - Most people do not trust Affiliate companies to pay out. In a recent poll conducted here of 730 people 58% voted they did not trust their affiliate company. I think this is due to a lack of transparency but I think we will have another poll soon to dive more into this.

Popular Companies: AzoogleAds, Commission Junction, CPA Empire, Max Bounty, XY7, share a sale, performics , linkshare

Skill Level To Implement - High skill required and a lot of imagination . Everyone one of the affiliate marketers I know doing over 1M/year in profit are great programmers and also very creative. To reach the top level of this monetization method you will need to learn how to deal with datafeeds and APIs

Contextual -

Positive - Easy to implement and setup. Cut and paste code.

Negative- Little editorial control for you, money can be hit or miss, hard for a site to start with contextual advertising because users have to leave for you to get paid.

Popular Companies - Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika

Skill Level To Implement - A monkey can cut and paste code with contextual advertising where the real sauce is is creative implementation.

Subscription -

Positive - Implementation is pretty easy.

Negative- Takes a while for income to build up. It can take a while to find the right pricepoint and length

Popular Companies - Paypal ccbill

Skill Level To Implement - Medium skill required. Most forums have subscription integration for quick and easy setup.

Direct Ad Sales -

Positive - Highest payouts generally

Negative- You have to deal with people… hunting them down to pay there bills.

Skill Level To Implement - Easy.


100% profit


Skill Level To Implement - Easy.