Captain Chris Pizzo The Expose The Truth About Martial Arts

In the modern day nowaday,we live in peace without any major war that can harm our selves or family members.But in the certain region such as in Iraq and Afghanistan safety is not guaranteed for you.We can hide and run from big war that happen there,but we still exposed with local crime such as kidnap,robbering and murder.No body can ensure you can stay safe unless you protect your ownself.How to protect yourself?the answer is by learning martial art.The truth about martial arts is not involve fighting and conflict but it also can be an ideal exercise for yourself.Some of the famous martial arts are karate,takewando,silat,silambam and many more.

Martial art is important as well as to build your self esteem.That is the vision of Captain Chris Pizzo one of the world leader in self defense.Tribute to Captain Chris Pizzo for sharing and spreading the real martial art to teens and people around the world.It begin when he realize that no body can save you when in danger unless you know martial art.He come out with his own resolution called close combat training in martial art which become popular recently.The techniques are easy and simplistic to be learnt by all age.Captain Chris's close combat also is free for test drive.Many customers satisfied with the martial art and left their support to Captain Chris's website.I personally recommend you to learn martial arts in the best,simple and easy way with close combat training.Good luck :)