Better Website ROI

There are some basic rules to follow in order to get a better ROI for a website.

Two rules of thumb here are investigate what people are typing in to find your products or service and secondly to create a page based on the results of this search. This way, you can be sure that the person looking for your product or service is going to land on a page that is about what they have typed into the search engine. And since they have found what they were looking for there is a higher chance of converting them and so getting a better ROI for the website.

It is possible to analyse the terms people use on the search engines to determine the difficulty of getting high search engine placements for these terms. Once these search terms have been identified it is important to ensure that a page on your website contains this text in certain important areas for search engine optimisation purposes. However, it is vital that when someone navigates to that page they understand immediately the message you are trying to convey. This is our goal, to improve the websites ROI, the page must be about what the user has typed into to find you.

Whenever we build a website we always start with a text based site map. Studying what keyword phrases will bring people into the website and analysing the relevance to our clients products or services. To further aid better ROI for the website, the focus is on ensuring that the pages that are built for these phrases are actually about that phrase. We do not want to fool anyone. It is all about bringing in targetted traffic to the website that want or have an interest in your product or service and when they arrive at that page there is a call to action on that page. Whether it is a telephone numberFind Article, contact form or call back form.

This is not a difficult process and the reason for failing to get better website ROI is because of guesswork. Guessing what people are typing into the search engines is a big no.

Do You Want More Prospects Coming To Your Website?

There are many people who believe that to get started with online marketing all they need is a product to promote and a website. While those are vital components, many marketers fail to understand the need for traffic. If you fail to drive traffic to your website, you will not have any sales and therefore no business.

Article Writing

There are a number of ways that you can drive traffic to your website. A very effective way is by using article marketing. While most of us are not skilled writers, thankfully it is not necessary to be in order to write good content. You will need to research your topic of choice and then spend about an hour composing the article. The reason that articles are so effective is because they never leave the search engines. It is also a low cost option. It only costs about $20-$30 per month to be a member of an article submission company. Many of the companies submit your article to numerous different article sites, therefore increasing your presence online. The important thing is to be consistent. You cannot write one article and then wait a month to submit another one. It's best to write about 4-5 articles per week. It will take a few months to build up some articles online, but you can easily earn a six figure yearly income solely off of good article marketing.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is where you pay search engines such as Google or Yahoo to show your ad on the results page of certain keyword searches. For instance, if someone searches for "home based business" in Google and you are targeting that keyword, your ad would appear on the results page. While it can be pricey, it produces immediate results. You have to be very diligent at watching your ad campaign and managing your budget. It will require some trial and error to find what works best for your specific situation.

Free Classifieds

Placing free classified ads is also another great way to generate traffic to your website. One place to do this is on Craigslist. There are even software programs that you can purchase that will post hundreds of ads for you daily. It is best to dedicate one email address to this form of advertising as you will get lots of junk email from people advertising their products or programs.

Hopefully this article has given you some quick and easy ways that you can start increasing traffic to your website. Getting targeted traffic to visit your website can be an online nightmare at times. However, once you master the art of advertisingArticle Search, you will be swamped with traffic.

Safety Tips for MySpace Users

There are some very positive things about using MySpace. People can connect, express themselves and make new friends. Unfortunately, MySpace can also be a dangerous place to be.

People who use MySpace may be publicly embarrassed or even worse may put themselves in danger. If you or your children plan to use MySpace or already doing so there a few tips that may come in handy.

Always remember that everything shared on MySpace is out there for everyone to see. This means that you are sharing private information with people who pose no threat and also with those who could prove to be dangerous.

If there are things you don’t want everyone to know, do not post them on MySpace. Also, think twice before you give out your phone number, home or business address, specific whereabouts or IM screen names.

You may not want to give out information that tells people where you will be at a certain time. It’s great to be able to tell your friends where to meet but just remember that this information will be going out to everyone who has access to MySpace.

There may be times when you read things on MySpace that are inappropriate or contain harassing comments or hate speech. Do not hesitate to report these kinds of things. You can discuss the inappropriate materials with an adult and then report them to either MySpace or the authorities.

These safety tips should help keep you and other MySpace users a little safer when you use the site.

Yes, MySpace has many positive aspects. The important thing is to remember to keep yourself and your kids as safe as possible when using the site.

You may be one of those people who are very trusting and never worry about anyone misrepresenting themselves. You may have kids that are rather na├»ve about sites like MySpace and don’t think there are folks out there who would lie or hurt them.

These things are not true. While the majority of people using MySpace are pretty much truthful about who they are as well as their intentions there will always be predators. Not everyone who frequents MySpace is who they say they are.

It can be a lot of fun to meet new people on MySpace and develop friendships. Do not meet people you have met at MySpace in person. This is often where trouble begins. When you agree to meet a stranger you could be asking for a very dangerous situation.

Think about what you are posting before you do it. You can’t get it back and it will be available for everyone to see. You may want to post a photo that is a little questionable. Just remember you could have a parentFind Article, teacher or employer see that photo or read about your latest behavior at a party.

If you have kids who are using MySpace do not hesitate to check it out. Set up rules and guidelines for any children or teens who are using MySpace. Tall about the problems and dangers of using the site. Talk about their profile before they post it and keep communication open about who they are corresponding with and what information they are sharing.

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Firefox has launch firefox beta3 recently.You can download It now.

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Laugh is the best medicine. How to make you laugh if you involve in something that funny. But to make a jokes it will be more efficient,it must be spontaneous and not plan. Jokes can be an action,short story or even a picture. Your life will be happier if you have a funny friends or your own style is a funny person. Since internet is a world wide technology,jokes also had been online. So,you can find many of jokes stuff on internet by searching it a search engine. One of the best resource for jokes stuff can be found at lotsofjokes.com.It has been established since long time ago with intention to collect the best and quality funny jokes stuff such as short story and compile in a website so that it can be accessed by anyone through internet.

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The Winner Of Open Web Award

Year 2007 is going to close and Year 2008 will come with more success for us internet marketer and blogger.Million of websites nowadays and which website is the best among the best?Open Web Award has announced it winner recently and the list of the winner is below:

Mainstream and Large Social Networks

Applications and Widgets

Social News and Social

Social Search

Sports and Fitness

Photo Sharing

Video Sharing

Start Pages

Places and Events


Social Shopping

Google Maps for Mobile

Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks

Travel By Driving In Australia

Australia is a good and interesting place for spending you holiday. It is a big island and has variety of attraction such as Koala,Kangaroo, water fall and beautiful beaches. If you a traveller it is a leisure to travel driving. Before driving,the most important thing to remember,when you decide to go "off Road" it is courage to seek local advice on your intended route as well as ensuring someone locally knows of your travel plans. In case if your vehicle does break down in a remote area stay with it do not attempt to walk for help. Generally traveller who stay with their vehicles are traced quicker than if you left. While your travel,at night you can stay at numerous of hotels in Australia such as Gold Coast Hotels,Noosa Hotels and Cairns Hotels. The hotel price is affordable and comfortable depending on what kind of hotel you choose.

To travel with car also,you need get legal permission from the authorities. It is a compulsory requirement that any gates opened to allow your vehicle to pass through are closed afterwards. Some state in Australia also need permit and permission by owners before you can across. This is show respect and also guarantee for your safety. For more details you can refer to national park's controlling body. Make a well preparation to avoid your vacation spoil.

How I Reduce the Consumpion Firefox Browser.

If you a firefox user,I wanna to share with you how can we reduce the consumption of memory while using firefox.Try first and then share your experience here :)

Step By Step

1. Type about:config in the Firefox address bar
2. Search for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries
3. Double click on the value 50, change it to something lower, 5 should be good.

Good Luck :)

Beware Of Phising Email

Happy Christmas to all.I hope you enjoy your day together with your family.I have received an email asking for updating my paypal details.Many bloggers and internet marketer shared about this kind phishing email.This time I experience it by myself.

No doubt many people has cheated by this kind of email.So,beware next time.Cyber crime become more challenging.It our responsible to advice our friends to avoid lost of our money.

Captain Chris Pizzo The Expose The Truth About Martial Arts

In the modern day nowaday,we live in peace without any major war that can harm our selves or family members.But in the certain region such as in Iraq and Afghanistan safety is not guaranteed for you.We can hide and run from big war that happen there,but we still exposed with local crime such as kidnap,robbering and murder.No body can ensure you can stay safe unless you protect your ownself.How to protect yourself?the answer is by learning martial art.The truth about martial arts is not involve fighting and conflict but it also can be an ideal exercise for yourself.Some of the famous martial arts are karate,takewando,silat,silambam and many more.

Martial art is important as well as to build your self esteem.That is the vision of Captain Chris Pizzo one of the world leader in self defense.Tribute to Captain Chris Pizzo for sharing and spreading the real martial art to teens and people around the world.It begin when he realize that no body can save you when in danger unless you know martial art.He come out with his own resolution called close combat training in martial art which become popular recently.The techniques are easy and simplistic to be learnt by all age.Captain Chris's close combat also is free for test drive.Many customers satisfied with the martial art and left their support to Captain Chris's website.I personally recommend you to learn martial arts in the best,simple and easy way with close combat training.Good luck :)

How I Make My Passive Income

If you still newbie and don't know what is the best way to make passive income let me share something with you.Maybe you already know but I just wanna to share this opportunity again and again.

Affiliates -

Positives - Tons of Money, tools to get creative.

Negative - Most people do not trust Affiliate companies to pay out. In a recent poll conducted here of 730 people 58% voted they did not trust their affiliate company. I think this is due to a lack of transparency but I think we will have another poll soon to dive more into this.

Popular Companies: AzoogleAds, Commission Junction, CPA Empire, Max Bounty, XY7, share a sale, performics , linkshare

Skill Level To Implement - High skill required and a lot of imagination . Everyone one of the affiliate marketers I know doing over 1M/year in profit are great programmers and also very creative. To reach the top level of this monetization method you will need to learn how to deal with datafeeds and APIs

Contextual -

Positive - Easy to implement and setup. Cut and paste code.

Negative- Little editorial control for you, money can be hit or miss, hard for a site to start with contextual advertising because users have to leave for you to get paid.

Popular Companies - Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika

Skill Level To Implement - A monkey can cut and paste code with contextual advertising where the real sauce is is creative implementation.

Subscription -

Positive - Implementation is pretty easy.

Negative- Takes a while for income to build up. It can take a while to find the right pricepoint and length

Popular Companies - Paypal ccbill

Skill Level To Implement - Medium skill required. Most forums have subscription integration for quick and easy setup.

Direct Ad Sales -

Positive - Highest payouts generally

Negative- You have to deal with people… hunting them down to pay there bills.

Skill Level To Implement - Easy.


100% profit


Skill Level To Implement - Easy.

Online Computer Repairs Services

To acces your internet everyday you need a desktop or laptop that can work properly.But since the internet world is so wide and exposed with so many kind of virus and spyware,your computer also risk to be affected.Why will you do when your computer attacked by virus?If you a computer literate maybe you can do repairing the computer by yourself.But if you is an computer illiterate or too busy with your career you need PC repairs service.Nowadays you can get the computer services at the computer shop.It may took about 2-3 days to finish up.I have another alternative that cool to be shared with you all ecspecially who need to repair their computer which is computer repairs service online.

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Wordpress users - Have you tried All in One SEO Pack plugin?

For those of us who started to venture into the internet using Yahoo Pagebuilder, Dreamweaver, HTML kit, Microsoft Frontpage or other similar html programs, we are very attached to our meta tags. Inserting meta tags was like the very first thing we do.

What are meta tags?

It is some invisible words that tell the search engines what is our site about. You do not see those words on our website but they are able to be read by the search engines. What I know is Google SE doesn’t bother about meta tags. However, Yahoo and MSN do.

How to add it in?

If you are totally new, you can get one of those online sites to generate the codes for you. LinkWorth tools has it. Or if you are using Wordpress, there is this plugin call All in One SEO Pack. Previously, before I have this, I use autometa, which is another plugin.

Why is it important?

With the All in One SEO plugin, I can now insert the keywords in my title and they will be marked as meta tags. This means, I can use wacky description for my blog post, using some irrelevant words and put something more descriptive in the meta.

Recently, I notice all those guru-wannabes dispensing rehashed blog advices like using good keywords in title and bolding them per keywords. So, let me do you a favour. Just use the All in One SEO Pack. It works out of the box.

Let’s take a look at how it works. In my previous post, the blog title is ““I lost Google PR due to PayPerPost? (PPP)” but I have entered a more boring but relevant title in the meta tags.


This is what appears in the meta tag. Well, if you are writing a personal blog, putting relevant titles can be very boring so I find using this good to get those keywords working.


The above is what I inserted in the meta tags. You won’t see it but the search engines will.

Now, go on and try it out and I hope you see your traffic increasing. Me? I haven’t notice anything yet.

Tennisplaza.com Where You Can Buy For Tennis Stuff?

Everyone has their own hobby such as playing tennis and soccer.No matter what you love to do during your free time,as long it can make you happy you can proceed.Some people also can make money with their hobby like playing tennis as a professional.It proven that it can generate a lot of money.World tennis champion such as Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova have accumulate earning up to million dollar per year just winning world championship tournaments.But it is not necessary to play tennis just want to target to be a professional.Exercise like playing tennis is really good for your health because it give your hearth good exercise.To start play tennis what you need are racket tennis,ball and also tennis court.You can play anytime and anywhere as long as you have all the tennis equipment.In this post also I would like to share with you all about where you can buy for tennis equipment.Read more for usefull information tennis equipment online store.

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Donate My Boat Awareness Program

Donate are good attitude that should be practice by all people.Realize the importance of donation charityboatsales.org organize a donation program in conjunction to help the needy and helpless children.This iniciative should be praise and need support from people to ensure it will achieve the target.The idea of donation is start from the feeling of awareness to help people.The idea is simple.Boatangle are pleasure to accept any boat from any person that would like to donate boat.Then they will sells back to general via ebay at www.charityboatsales.org.They also is distributing and creating free of charge Children's Animations DVDS included the shipping cost.

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Finance Help To Avoid Bad Credit Problem

Credit cards is commonly in for United State citizen.There are advantages and disadvantages to the the owner of this credit service.From positive side,credit card can help people bring less cash money during shopping and also can be used for online shopping.It really help for business man or business woman managing their finance.But from the negative side,It also can cause over spend of your money while shopping if you don't practice well plan expenditure.If no action took to change your habit,later you will suffer with high amount of credit.Actually,credit card is a good example of bad credit problem.Beside than that mortgages and loans also will give you a big finance problem if it not manage wisely.

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New Coupon For Adwords

A while back I showed a example of people gaming adwords. I got a lot of emails from people asking how 1 person can have so many Adwords accounts and how could they possibly be making a profit on this.

I believe there is a big problem going on right now with Google Adwords in regards to Virtual Credit Cards mixed with Adwords Coupons. A person could get a Virtual Credit Card for less then $10 (if not free) then use $25-$250 Adwords coupons. Here is a link for free $50 in Adwords (from Yahoo Small Business) for new accounts. So if you make a new account with a Visa Gift Card with $5 on it then use a $50 Adwords voucher x 20 accounts you have $1100 to spend and have only invested $100..

I will be honest with you I have not tried the above method. It just seemed to make sense. Recently people all over the web are selling loaded Google Adwords accounts (charging $5.49 for a $50 account) with the coupons already applied. AND they are giving volume discounts………. And they are EVERYWHERE.

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Stainless Steel Items Online Store Guide

Everyone know what is stainless steel. It is non rust metal and the use become wider nowadays. This material is really good in manufacturing of home equipment or decoration. The equipment made by stainless steel will obtain all the stainless steel properties such as shining and anti rust. If you interested to buy modern stainless steel items for your home online,www.thestainlesssteelstore.com is an option. Thousand of saint less steel equipments with different categories such as outdoor,dining,cooking and decoration. Feel free to browse by categories to find which design is suitable with your taste. Their online store is leading in distribution stainless steel since years ago.

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All Malaysian Bloggers Project: Bloggers Gathering

All Malaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP) will have their 1st gathering for fellow bloggers in January 2008.

Date: 12 January 2008 (Saturday)
Time: 10.00am onwards
Venue: Starbucks The Gardens, Mid Valley (google map)

All Malaysian bloggers are invited, no registration require. The first 50 bloggers will get a free drink (coffee or tea). Refer to the following picture of Starbucks at The Gardens, I doubt there is enough space for the group.

There is no event agenda, according to AMBP, “It’ll be a meet-and-mingle sort of get-together, so expect an informal setting”.

Gold Investment With Bullionvault

If you have extra money and thinking to invest in profitable investment while don't try to buy gold. Where to buy gold that can ensure you can generate income? The answer is at www.bullionvault.com.I notice that many people that don't know and confuse about selling gold on net. I personally advice you to do some research and get well understanding about this investment.

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I you make well money through nuffnang and adverlets the latest money opportunity grabmyadsis launched a few days ago.It give you opportunity to monetize your blog and also earn money from that.How you can earn money is through advertiser and publisher program.

As a publisher you will display advertisement by advertiser and you will be paid for that.It is really new competitor for local advertisement company such as nuffnang and adverlets.Still this company is new.No body can give testimony.So,we need to wait and see isn't it really working and help blogger to earn money.

Free Chat Lines To You

Feel boring and want to have a chatting with your friend or anonymous to get rid the loneliness. Why don't you try talk121.com? It provides live chat, free local phone chat line including voice personals. You can either talk or chatting with your friend how long you want and ignoring the charge since it is totally free chat. More interesting about this service or well known with other name chat lines, you still can receive or leave message while you are offline and your identity is totally covered since you will be known as an anonymous in the system. I have tried it and honestly I give A+ for the benefit to human being.

Good News From Widgetbucks

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks

I just received a good news from widgetbucks through my email.In that email state that they launched new advertisement format and the format is giving opportunity for bloggers from Asia to make money.

With this new format, I may put them back again.today we have successfully launched International CPM ads to be included in our Widgets.

We are now serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries).

In the first month when Widgetbucks was launched, I did get some very good payout. In fact, some of them are even better than Adsense. So, let’s give Widgetbucks another try. You can sign up for Widgetbucks if you haven’t done so.

Right after my last post, I am happy to get an email from Widgetbucks that they are now giving us Asians a chance. Earlier, clicks from other countries are not counted. That’s why I took off my Widgetbucks from several of my blogs.

With this new format, I may put them back again.

today we have successfully launched International CPM ads to be included in our Widgets.

We are now serving CPM ads to the non-U.S./Canada traffic. This will give you revenue, per impression, for your site visitors who come from other countries. This is designed to help publishers who have a blend of traffic from a variety of countries.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries).

In the first month when Widgetbucks was launched, I did get some very good payout. In fact, some of them are even better than Adsense. So, let’s give Widgetbucks another try. You can sign up for Widgetbucks if you haven’t done so.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks

You will be given USD25. Now, isn’t that enough incentive for you to try? Yes, you read that right. YOU get the USD25, not me.

You will be given USD25. Now, isn’t that enough incentive for you to try? Yes, you read that right. YOU get the USD25, not me.

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Teen Free Chat Service

Dating online is normal nowadays. Communication technology is beyond the human expectation. World become border free and you can speak or sending data to your friend despite thousand miles from your location. Chat with anyone you want if you have internet connection and also the platform to chat itself. Introduce you the best online chat service that can connect both guys and girl can call in for free and chat live or leave voice personals for others to hear when they are off the phone. This service commonly called as phone chat lines,chat lines, lives chat lines free and local chat lines.

It is design with main objective to connect people. One of the features is teen chat. It allow teen above 18 with other singles to chat and share their hobbies and pleasures. The most important you don’t have to pay anything for this service. It is totally free chat for anyone and anywhere as long as you visit the website.

Good News For Mac User

If you are Mac user I realize that you will face problem in finding suitable and supporting Mac poker. Normally on the Internet is only dedicated for window user. But Mac Pokernoticed this issue and they come out with an online mac poker for Macintosh user. This is a good news for you since the gap between window and mac is going to be closer. It is totally the same and competitive with other online poker. They provide variety of poker games,information,tips and guides. Complete set to enjoy playing poker for mac user become reality now. Visit macpokeronline.com now and start feeling the pleasure.

One of the advantages of macpokeronline.com is great poker bonus awaiting to be grabbed. For example you will be given 25% up to $100 plus an extra at Pacific Poker.Grab also free entry for private $500 Pacific Poker Tournament. Grab it fast before it closed. Only good and best other Mac poker online will be recommended to visitor. This is to ensure customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you need reminder for update event or tournament you can read through the news about poker for mac in the main page. No knowledge on how to play poker is not a big deal. They also provide tutorial teach people to play step by step. It is not only about profit,the most important is the vision to serve mac user achieved. Enjoy yourself and start to be a poker star:)

This Is Real Advertisement Or Fake?

Haha,It a little bit funny when I saw this advertisement from 5xmom.com.I thought google is anti with Payperpost program but there still accept advertisement from Payperpost.But no body can ensure this advertisement is real since 5xmom can't click for her own adsense advertisement.If you wanna know the truth when you see this advertisement why don't you click but I will never take responsible for your action :)