Me and My BLog

Today is 14 November 2007.That means I have been a part time blogger for One year and half.My first blog http://motorsportworl.blogspot.com.Initially,I create blog to full fill my pleasure and spend my time.I love car,that why my first blog is an automotive blog.

Nowadays,I have more than 30 blogs.30 different niche depends on high paying niche for adsense.The PR is still low but I am work very hard to improve PR and the most important which is traffic.High traffic will ensure your revenue.No matter pay per click,affiliates or anything you will make profit with high traffic.

I have new blog.Baby latest baby.It will be my official review blog with my own domain name www.erzodir.com.Feel free to visit my new blog.Since it is new,I really hope your support.My vision is to give info and serve people with my blog.Hopefully in the future my vision will come true. :)