European Travel Guide

Hello friends,If you are planning to have your vacation and don't know where to go as your destination,maybe what I'm going to write this will assist you in making your choice.There are so many attractive tourism spot around the world.But I'm going to share with you about the these major European cities which are London,Berlin,Paris and Barcelona.

London is a beautiful destination to go.So many attractive places there such as Tower of London,Buckingham Palace,London eye and many more.Tower of London is
is over 900 years old in parts.When the White Tower which I believe to the the oldest part was finished,it was the tallest building in London at a whopping 30 meters.Every tourist to London will probably see Buckingham Palace at some point.The Palace is currently home to Queen Elizabeth II and her family.You can see by your own selves the historical value of this spot.Don't worry about the accommodation because varieties of London Hotels that you can choose during your vacation.

Whether you like history, culture, nightlife, or all of the above, Berlin is a great place to visit. The extensive transportation network makes it easy to get around this sprawling metropolis. In addition to popular destinations such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and the remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall.Berlin hotels also are easy to be found and deal.

Paris is synonymous with the word style. Of course, you can't miss the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Versailles and the Louvre. But be sure to spend a quiet moment in the Jardin de Tuileries and savor an ├ęclair from a patisserie or a glass of Beaujolais in a romantic bistro. From culinary delights to cultural sights, haute couture to heady romance, Paris will tempt every one of your senses.Many Paris Hotels that provide best services for tourism.
Barcelona is a big name in European Soccer League.It has so many fan around the world,It is not only because the football club only.So many attractive places to go such as twin tower in Barcelona,historical monuments and Cathedral.You also can find Barcelona Hotels easily to stay and rest after a long walk.

I hope my post can give some hint which place is suitable for you.Plan your vacation wisely and enjoy your holiday.