Allinanchor.com Blog Review

Allinanchor.com. provides a one-stop center in offering Internet Marketing News, Tips, and Knowledge for Internet Marketing The categories discussing here included technology,ebay,search engine optimization,google,brand management and many more related to internet business.The blog interface is not Search engine optimiztion friendly because no tool install in the blog.This is because the blogger really want to share expertise and knowledge with the reader not only gain profit from internet.

Even though Allinanchor.com is still new but the blogger writing style look mature.It contents are fresh and informative not too formal and the topic also releven relating current issues.My first impression during my first time landing to this blog,It look professional and I did not realize it is new internet marketing blog.But I have some ideas and opinion to enhance and make the blog better.By manipulating some cheer colors in this blog could make it look more energetic.Overall it is good blog and good luck in the future.



October 22, 2007 at 3:54 AM

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