5 ways for free traffic

1. COMMENT: You view other people's blogs, why not leave a comment or two? Not only will you build a relationship with the site's owner(s), but you will stand out and so will your blog. You can leave the URL address on the bottom of every comment and see an increase of traffic. Plus it's free! No need to pay for advertisement of high traffic sites. (You can start here, leave a comment.)

2. JOIN FORUMS/GROUP SITES: Every blogger need to join communities like Mybloglog or Blog Catalogue. These programs will send traffic towards you and you also might discover some of the greatest blogs out there. These sites are the what most bloggers call "THE MUST JOIN SITES" for every type of blogger, if they wish to have exposure.

3. USE VIDEOS: Here is a new and creative way that people are getting their blogs noticed. They are making videos about their sites. They would then post their videos on sites like You Tube or Meta Cafe. Not only will you attract different and new people, but you will increase your traffic and might have new RSS subscribers. Make sure to add the URL in the title and credits of the movie. Also add it in the description of the movie.

4. EMAILS: Simple and easy to do. Whenever you send a email, make sure your URL is at the bottom of every email message you send. This will make sure that all your friends will know the URL. If you are one of those people who forwards messages that are like, "send this to 80 people and you will have finally have a love life," you can be clever by circulating the message with your URL. You are guaranteed that your URL will be noticed, along with the fact that you probably don't have a love life.

5. CHAT: Whenever you are chatting away with random strangers across the global make sure to send them your blog's URL. At the end of a conversation, tell them that it was nice talking or whatever, tell them to check out your blog if they have a chance, and send the address. If they still want to contact you and keep in touch, they would most likely check your blog out. If you want to be more sneaky, you can do this. If they ask you for your email at the end of the conversation, tell them they can find it on your blog. Send them the URL instead of the email address. They would have to check your blog out and might keep coming back