How to Gain Better Ranking In Alexa?

Better Alexa ranking are really easy to gain by using simple free web master tools, that you can download on the internet. Lots of people think that Alexa rankings a very important, I will start by telling you there not.

By doing this simple method that I will tell you about in a moment on gaining better Alexa rankings using free web master tools that you can download, you will see how easy it is to face your Alexa stats and then you might also relies that they are not any use to anyone, and that Alexa rankings are no where near accrete.

First of all, I will start by telling you, the more webpage’s you have the better, as the web master tools I am going to tell you to use scans your website and the more pages you have the longer it will be on your website, like a search engine spider.

First of all you will need to download the Alexa tool bar and install it, you can get this from http://www.alexa.com/site/download/ as you can see on the website of there’s, it does say the Alexa tool bar doesn’t contain spyware, well this isn’t really true, it does contain spyware BUT not bad ones so don’t remove them, the reason why it has spyware is so it can send back information to Alexa telling them what website you have been on and how long, this is how they calculate your website rankings.

After downloading the Alexa tool bar and installing it, next you will need a free webmaster tool called SOFTplus GSiteCrawler, this software is a Google and Yahoo sitemap making software, so yes it’s a free Google web master tool not made by Google. You can download this free tool from here http://gsitecrawler.com/

Install that tool then run it, what it does is scans your whole website like a search engines spider (or robot) and makes a full Google site map, so you can kill to birds with one stone.

Next download this tool called Xenu's Link Sleuth please search for this on Google, this is a free webmaster tool used for finding broken links on your websites, this also scans your whole website.

After you have done all this, do it daily for a month and watch your Alexa rankings gain better for you, and when I say better I mean they will go crazy, if you have webmaster mates get them to do your site and you does theirs, the more different ip’s you have doing your website like this the faster and better for you. Remember Alexa takes a while to update the ranks, and also they use the spyware on the toolbar to get there information so don’t delete them, if you do you Alexa tool bar will not show up, so a reinstall will have to be done of the tool bar.

Good luck, also try and not tell every one about this as people will start to know that Alexa is worthless.