7 Tips For Good Selling Website

Here are 7 ways to increase your website conversion rate instantly.Beautiful website is not a guarantee that you can effort make sale.Follow 7 tips below.

1. Build a clean and professional website
You don't need need a flashy website, unless you are running an entertainment related website. Design your website with a color theme of no more than 3 colors on each page.People always look for their needed not only for beautiful website to buy something.

2. Fast loading speed
Dump your flash presentation, heavy graphics and reduce the no. of images to improve the loading speed of your site, or otherwise, your visitors will just click away. The rule of thumb is to have each of your web page to be less than 50K, the smaller the size, the better. For a useful tool to check the size of your web page for FREE, go to www.turboiis.com/test.asp.This is very important.Many people ignore this,So I urge you to always bear in mind this tips.

3. Make it easy for your customers to find what they want
Design the navigation of your site in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want. A rule of thumb is they should get what they want with no more than 3 clicks from your home page. Make the navigation menu conspicuous on your home page and all other web pages. Don't try to use some "clever" ideas hiding the navigation menus or they need to mouse over certain icons to find the link.Display what you sell in proper and easiest way to see.

4. Use headlines
Survey shows that you only have 10 seconds to capture your visitors' attention before they click away to your competitors. Instead of saying "Welcome to my home page", you should incorporate compelling headlines. Some good examples can be found in www.eOneNet.com and www.InternetMarketingCoaching.com

5. Display your "Buy Now" button prominently
Though this seems to be common sense, many times, I couldn't find buy now buttons on some websites where they are selling things! Make sure this will appear prominently on the home page and next to any products descriptions.

6. Specify your USP
Do you have a USP (unique selling point)? If not, you better find one, or drop what you are selling and sell something else of which you have an USP. You would have thousands or hundreds of thousands competitors and they are just a mouse click away. You will need to convince your visitors why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

7. Use testimonials to increase credibility
This is the most powerful, yet often overlooked tool to convince your visitors to take hit the Buy Now button and take out their credit card. If you say you are good, others may be believe in you. However, if your customers say you are good or endorse your products / services, this will build up your trust and credibility. A word of warning. Get the testimonials from your customers and do not attempt to make them up. To make the testimonials more credible, you will need to spell out your customers full names. I have seen so called testimonials with no names, or with abbreviated names such as A. D. or Mary.