Nice And Brilliant Idea For Malaysian Bloggers (MyList)

Hello my dear friends,

I Just get this hot and great news from one of the hottest online business forum in Malaysia about brilliant idea from on how to have back link from blogger all around malaysia.Look like good rite?How to participate?

For more information you can go to this blog

By simple instruction,now you can join the party

1. Download My List in Text format.
2. Make a new post promoting My List and guide your fellow Malaysian readers to this page if they are keen to participate.
3. Copy the entire Text File you downloaded.
4. Paste it at the end of your post. (You can arrange it however you prefer if it goes lengthy but ensure the entire list is there)
5. Publish the post and ensure all links are in working order.
6. Submit your contact details and the permanent url of your MyList post by using this contact form.
7. Your blog url will then be added to the list.
8. Post a new post of the final My List after receiving an email notification as mentioned in the guidelines above. This is done to ensure everyone will benefit from this even those who participate later or close to the deadline.

Remember the dateline is 31 May 2007,so hurry and don't be late :)

My List Participants

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Syaf The Geek
snapshots of life with Cheng Leng
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Trying to Save Money
novatech personal playground
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The Potential Of E-commerce Business

Hello My dear friend,

One thing that people always ask me about e-commerce is they doubt about the potential of e-commerce.Isn't they are people that want to buy your product?The answer is absolutely yes.I'll show your why I said e-commerce is going to give you profit.

Above is the picture of graph of stimated Quarterly U.S. Retail E-commerce Sales as a Percent of Total Quarterly Retail Sales.We Can show that the total retail sales is increasing year to year.

Table above is table of the estimation of US e-commerce transaction.So the 1st quarter refer to the 3 month at the beginning of the year Jan,Feb and March.So,isn't you all ready to penetrate physical product to US Market?

Bear in mind that 3 quarter earlier before the Christmas is the best time for US citizen shopping online,because on that time many online stores that offering special discount.

I think it's not too late for you to start.Don't give up because all the work hard will be paid soon.

5 Tips To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

AdSense Tip #1: Find your keywords

Before serving ads on a web page, check its keyword density. A free and advanced tool for finding the most prominent keywords in a page can be found here: SEO Density Analyzer. Copy the most important keywords to a text file ([web page name]-adsense-keywords.txt).

AdSense Tip #2: Improve your keywords

Get keyword suggestions from Overture Search Inventory and from Google AdWords Sandbox. Get new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance. Enter the keywords from [web page name]-adsense-keywords.txt and save the suggestions to [web page name]-adsense-suggestions.txt.

AdSense Tip #3: Keep your website focused on a theme

Use the keyword suggestions to enhance your web pages and to build theme-based content. And also try to get your keywords into the anchor text of your incoming links as much as possible. Don't forget that Google AdSense is keyword-targeted advertising: Google AdSense bases its advert topics on your websites content, this means that content-rich websites of a popular topic should attract a large amount of ads.

AdSense Tip #4: Write a new page every day

One of the best tips is to add a new page to your web site every day. The more content you have, the more visitors you will get. Put an Adsense unit on each and every content page of your site. But where? You will find more about that from the next AdSense tips.

AdSense Tip #5: Choose the right AdSense format

Wider formats are successful because the ads are compact, easy to read and are complementary to the content. The top three AdSense formats are:

1. 336x280 large rectangle
2. 300x250 medium rectangle
3. 160x600 wide skyscraper

Another successful format is the 468x15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.

How To Research An Idea For Your Internet Business - 7 Simple Steps

People always want to join e-commerce,but they don't have the idea on what suppose they sell on net.Here I share 7 tips that can help you.

7 Simple Steps

1) If you have no idea what you want to market, you must generate some ideas. Choose something that you are passionate about.If you passionate so it easy to think something related about it.Utilize your imagination.

You want success? Then it is easier to be successful at something that you enjoy and that you will look forward to every day.

Brainstorm all the hobbies/ passions/ anything which interests you. Let's say you passion about Cat.

You like looking after him/her and it is a real pleasure for you to do this on a daily basis....So now you have an idea.

2) Since this is a hobby of yours, you must have a general knowledge in the area of
of Cat (to continue the analogy above).

If you need more knowlege, that shouldn't be a problem. It's a subject you love.

Now for the second brainstorming session. On a sheet of paper write down everything you can think of about anything related to your area of interest.

You want as many ideas as possible. One of them will lead you to develop a product that you will potentially be selling on your website.

For Cat, let's say you come up with a list including the following:

A.m food/diet, handling your A.m, training your A.m, A.m postcards/posters, suppliers of A.m's, breeding your A.m, secrets of long-lived A.m's (yes they can live up to 55 years!), cages/aviarys/perches, social behaviour of A.m, toys/playthings for your A.m, common illnesses of an A.m and what to look out for, different species of macaw.

Now that is a list of only twelve. You should try and come up with more for your own idea.

3) Now you have several target ideas in your area of interest. You want to test your idea now to see if it's something a majority of people are interested in.

You want enough of a demand for your idea so that it will eventually be profitable for you. This is called niche marketing- targeting a particular market and not trying to sell many different products to many people.

Go to several major search engines and type in these words "word popularity search."

You should get a list of websites which offer a free service where you can type in several keywords for your area of interest, in our case, any keywords such as cat and diet/toys/illnesses etc.

The website will then return the popularity of those keywords by telling you how many people searched on those terms at their site or on the major search engines. If you can count on your hand the number of people who are looking for your keywords, then there may not be much of a demand for a product centered around your idea.

4) Is your idea totally original? Most likely someone before you will have had that idea and will have created a website about it because there are literally millions of websites out there.

What you want to do now is again go to any of the major search engines and type in several of the keywords relating to your idea. Up will come a list of websites, some of them will be major competitors to you. Pick out a few that rank high on the search engine and write them down.

Now go back to the search engine and type in the words "traffic ranking" and you will get a listing of websites that when you go to them will give you the ranking of those websites you just wrote down.

By ranking I mean the popularity of that websites against all the other websites on the internet. This is by no means 100% accurate but it does give you an indication out of millions how popular the website is that relates to your idea. You can even get details about the number of visitors to the website and the number of page views for the site.

5) So you have come this far and found some websites ranking high in your area.

Most of them will be of two forms: either competitor websites selling products similar to your intended product, or Portal sites.

Portal sites generally don't sell anything. They usually have a bunch of links and advertising on them and sometimes have some good content. The more portal sites in your target area the better, up to a point.

Important points:

When you search for your keywords on a search engine, you don't want it to return a million search results. Your market may be very oversaturated. But having Portal sites is a good sign. You can use these sites later to help build your business.

Similarly, when you do a keyword popularity search as in Step 3) above, you don't want hundreds of thousands of people searching for the same product.

There is too much competition.

6) Now just because a website is popular or ranks high doesn't mean that it is profitable.

How much could you potentially make with your new idea if you converted it into a product and developed a website around it?

Simple. Go to any of your competitor's websites. Check out their products and their prices.

If they have been around a while (this can be verified by doing a "whois" search for their website to find out when their website was registered), then most likely they have established relationships with customers who have bought from them in the past. People have paid money for their products - they will most likely buy from you as well if you sell a similar product of equal or greater perceived and real value.

7) Once you are established in your target market, you may want to expand the target market to include related products.

In summary, you want the following characteristics for an idea which can turn profitable:

- targeted for a specific market
- idea can be turned into a popular product
- intended target market is not oversaturated
- price for potential profit forecasts.
- room for expansion/growth.

All the best for profitable idea hunting.

7 Tips For Good Selling Website

Here are 7 ways to increase your website conversion rate instantly.Beautiful website is not a guarantee that you can effort make sale.Follow 7 tips below.

1. Build a clean and professional website
You don't need need a flashy website, unless you are running an entertainment related website. Design your website with a color theme of no more than 3 colors on each page.People always look for their needed not only for beautiful website to buy something.

2. Fast loading speed
Dump your flash presentation, heavy graphics and reduce the no. of images to improve the loading speed of your site, or otherwise, your visitors will just click away. The rule of thumb is to have each of your web page to be less than 50K, the smaller the size, the better. For a useful tool to check the size of your web page for FREE, go to www.turboiis.com/test.asp.This is very important.Many people ignore this,So I urge you to always bear in mind this tips.

3. Make it easy for your customers to find what they want
Design the navigation of your site in a way that makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want. A rule of thumb is they should get what they want with no more than 3 clicks from your home page. Make the navigation menu conspicuous on your home page and all other web pages. Don't try to use some "clever" ideas hiding the navigation menus or they need to mouse over certain icons to find the link.Display what you sell in proper and easiest way to see.

4. Use headlines
Survey shows that you only have 10 seconds to capture your visitors' attention before they click away to your competitors. Instead of saying "Welcome to my home page", you should incorporate compelling headlines. Some good examples can be found in www.eOneNet.com and www.InternetMarketingCoaching.com

5. Display your "Buy Now" button prominently
Though this seems to be common sense, many times, I couldn't find buy now buttons on some websites where they are selling things! Make sure this will appear prominently on the home page and next to any products descriptions.

6. Specify your USP
Do you have a USP (unique selling point)? If not, you better find one, or drop what you are selling and sell something else of which you have an USP. You would have thousands or hundreds of thousands competitors and they are just a mouse click away. You will need to convince your visitors why they should buy from you instead of your competitors.

7. Use testimonials to increase credibility
This is the most powerful, yet often overlooked tool to convince your visitors to take hit the Buy Now button and take out their credit card. If you say you are good, others may be believe in you. However, if your customers say you are good or endorse your products / services, this will build up your trust and credibility. A word of warning. Get the testimonials from your customers and do not attempt to make them up. To make the testimonials more credible, you will need to spell out your customers full names. I have seen so called testimonials with no names, or with abbreviated names such as A. D. or Mary.

More Tips On Promoting And Increasing Your Traffic

1.Get Your Own Domain Name. People will never forget catchy domain names. Getting your own domain name will provide familiarity and recall. Be sure to choose a short and easy to remember domain name that is appropriate to your business.

2. Upload New, Original and Useful Content. Blatant ads such as banners and pop-ups only irritate visitors. Give them information they can't find anywhere else, and give it to them for free.Always think benefits when posting a new article or feature. Thinking of ways to get your visitor what they want will establish respect and more importantly trust.

3. Submit Your Site to Search Engines. Search engines bring more than 75% of traffic to most web sites. Search engine submissions means serious work. This involves search engine positioning and meta tag placements.It doesn? end there because you need to test this with a number of search engine tools. This process involves constant monitoring of website competitors, and continuous editing of pages.

4. Pay For Top Spots. The best way to get website traffic without trying too hard would be through paid advertisements. These advertisements would be posted on prime locations or banners of websites.Popular websites like leading newspapers and search engines would provide immediate recognition and visibility to their customers. Of course this entails some substantial advertising budget, but it is a good recourse for those who could afford it.

5. Form an Online Community. An online community can be a message board, email groups, discussion list, and even a chat forum.Actively participate in these on-line groups by posting answers to other people? questions and post appropriate information. Be visible and include your signature at the end of your postings. Maximize these special interest groups because people in online communities get involved easily and are ready to communicate with others.

6. Start Your Own Mailing List. It is the best way to keep in touch with your prospects and your customers.This is the best way to build the credibility needed to close a sale to your target market.

7. Start an E-Zine for Your Website. An E-zine is an extension of your site, but this will highlight new information and features of your site. People will be reminded of your website as they read each issue. If they find they issue interesting or worth sharing, they can easily and instantly pass this on to the people within their network.

8. Submit Articles. Write your own article and submit it to e-zines, websites and magazines that accept article submissions. Be sure to include your business and contact information and website address in the resource box.

9. Exchange Ads. Create ads that will promote your business and website. Submit this to e-zines or other websites in exchange for free ad space in your own electronic publication.Your presence to other site or publications is very important in getting the increased traffic that you want. This is usually facilitated with either simple links or flashy banners.

10. Update Your Website. Your website should always be up and running. It is to your advantage if you maintain your website with new articles and updated features.

How To Increase Your Page Rank

Page Rank of a website is a asset for a site owner, because if a site has a larger page rank it will be more visible in search engines and can get more visitors. There are a lot of ways to promote your website and increase its page rank. Some ways require you to pay for it and some are FREE but needs extra time and efforts. Remember in www the most important thing you need to remember is the patience. Below are some points which you can follow and improve your website ranking.

1. Linking is the best and fast way to improve your page rank. Try to get a link back from higher page rank websites. There are some free ways also but they will take a long time to insert your link in other websites. But if you can pay some $$ to get a link back from higher page rank websites, they will guarantee you for your link to be approved within a week.

2. If you are planing to purchase a link back then remember this point, some websites have PR4, PR5 or even PR7 for their home page, but no PR for any of their other pages, So remember to pay for only that link which will be displayed on a PR+ page.

3. Submit to directories and sit relax. Start one by one and submit your link in all web directories. If you can, try to give a link back (reciprocal link on your page) to free directories, some directories does not need it, but if you provide them, their owners will look for your approval first.

4. Build a sitemap for your website (XML based for Google and text based for yahoo) and submit them to Google and yahoo. Get a Google webmaster account and sign in there to see your website statistics. It will also tell you if you site is indexed or not, and your page rank in Google.

5. Update your website every day by adding more unique content. If you site has some information for a visitor then it is 100% chance for him to come back to your site again.

6. Provide inside linking to your website. For example you can provide a link of your previous and next articles on an article page. Or you can provide a list of related articles so visitor can remains a long time on your website.

7. Keep in touch with your website. If you do, you will get results from your statistics analyzer very soon that you are getting visitors and your page rank is improved.

8. And the most important tip. “Trade your link with other web owners“. Put their link on your website and they will put your link in them. This is for free and the very fast way to improve your visibility in search engines.

Keep following in the above tip and your will get a better result within days. Keep reading this website for more informative articles and unique SEO tips. If you need effective Search Engine Optimization Services then contact us for details.

A Story Of 15 Years Teen Making Money Online

Here the attachment of email that i received.

I want to share a real case study with you
about a 15 year old Mexican Girl profiting from

Back in 2003, (when I was a newbie), a guy
by the name of Chris Carpenter released a product
called GoogleCash .com (or Google Cash Method)

This became (and still is) the standard book
on the subject of Affiliate Marketing through Google

In fact, Perry Marshal (The leading expert in
Adwords) said:

"Google Cash Method is the safest way to enter
market... literally the world's fastest business
opportunity... you can jump into a new market
in as little as 15 minutes, No inventory, no emails
lists - you don't even need a website!"

But I am NOT here to tell you about the Google
Cash Method.

Yesterday, I get an email from Chris. (We do not
know each other very well. We spoke on the phone
one time 3 years ago and I have his book.)

He goes on to tell me how I am one of his favorites
mentors and he has all of "MY" products, and he loves
to reverse engineer all of my product launches.

I was blown a way as I always looked up to HIM!

He was so excited in his email about his new free
report and he asked me to let the world know.
I read the report, and I was blown away. It takes
a lot to get my adrenaline pumping when I read. And
this had me as excited as I was in 1991 when I thought
the M.L.M. I was in would make me Millions.

One of them is how he asked his friend his he
could uses his 15 year old daughter as a 'Test Subject'
on the methods.

The result...

This 15 year old girl is now making more money
online that most people reading this.

If you want to learn how this happened...

...here is what you need to do right now.

#1 - Download the free report. It really ROCKS!

#2 - After you see how much you like it... Tell everyone
you know. First movers can earn for sharing.

Tell 500 people about Chris free report and Chris
will send you $250. How cool is that? Send 5000
and he sends you $2500 etc...

Get Started here

Yes I'm Interested ,Give Me The Secret Report

The truth about Black Hat Marketing

Black is always associate with something evil and bad.Black sheep,black market and black metal to be currently.Have you heard about black hat instead of white and grey hat?Many people think that black market is not suitable for promoting their site or blog.But there are still people out there making profit by using black hat method.

A little introduction about black hat.

"A black-hat is a term in computing for someone who compromises the security of a system without permission from an authorized party, usually with the intent of accessing computers connected to the network. The term cracker was coined by Richard Stallman to provide an alternative to using the existing word hacker for this meaning.[1] The somewhat similar activity of defeating copy prevention devices in software which may or may not be legal in a country's laws is actually software cracking"


What do you think after you read the definition of black hat?Still interested to know about black hat method?Despite it is categorize as bad but "Vincent Tan" had made thousand dollar per month by using this method.How it working?Isn't he banned by the search engine?To discover the truth about black hat,you can have deep and exclusive explanation by downloading free e-book about black hat marketing tips by Vince Tan.It free dude.Good luck

Yes,I want to download the black hat edition e-book

25 Ways To Increase Your Traffic

1. Write and submit articles to the article directories.

2. Leave comments on other people’s blogs with a backlink to your site.

3. Answer people’s questions on www.answers.yahoo.com.

4. Post in forums and have a link to your site in your signature.

5. Write a press release and submit it to www.PRWeb.com.

6. Advertise your website in the appropriate category on www.CraigsList.com.

7. Give an unbiased testimonial on a product/service that you have used in exchange for a backlink to your site.

8. Start a blog and submit it to the 100’s of free blog directories.

9. Manually submit your website to the major search engines.

10. Optimize each page of your website for a particular keyword or search phrase.

11. Add a link in your email signature to your website. It’s a free and easy way to get a little more traffic.

12. Make a custom 404 error page for your website redirecting people to your home page.

13. Use PPC search engine advertising.

14. Add a “bookmark this site” link to your webpages.

15. Have a tell-a-friend form on your site.

16. Send articles to ezine publishers that includes a link to your website.

17. Hold a crazy content and make it go viral.

18. Give away a freebie (ebook, report, e-course) to keep people coming back to your site.

19. Add an RSS feed to your blog.

20. Submit your site to any related niche directories on the net.

21. Participate in a banner or link exchange program.

22. Create a software program and give it away for free.

23. Purchase the misspellings or variations of your domain name, or those of your competitors.

24. Buy a domain name related to your niche that is already receiving traffic and forward it to your site.

25. Pass out business cards with your domain on them everywhere you go.

7 Tips On Alexa Ranking

1. Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website. Alexa even gives you the ability to co-brand the toolbar with your own logo and give it away. You can download the toolbar here: http://pages.alexa.com/prod_serv/associatetoolbar.html

2. Use Alexa redirection whenever you can. No matter when or where you provide a link to your website, be sure to use the equivalent Alexa redirect URL. For example, when providing a link to my website, I use http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?cybergold.blogspot.com. If you copy this URL into your browser, it will take you to CyberGold.blogspot.com. To use this technique, simply replace the name of my website (Cybergold.blogspot) with yours.

3. Encourage your website visitors to add their positive testimonials on Alexa’s detailed listings page for your website. This can be done by placing a link to the appropriate Alexa page on your website and asking visitors to “Click here to rate this website”. You can find your detailed Alexa page here: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=marketingscoop.com. Again, just replace the name of my website (marketingscoop) with yours. By clicking on the URL, visitors will be able to reach your detailed rating page and write a review using the review link located on the left hand side of the page.

4. Write your own site reviews on the top 100 rated Alexa sites and include your redirect URL. The top 500 domains, according to Alexa can be found at http://www.alexa.com/site/ds/top_500 When you write a review, be sure to use the redirection URL we discussed in number 2 above specifically for your website [http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?marketingscoop.com].

5. Download the Alexa ranking button, traffic history graph, info links, and other traffic counters onto the page of your website that receives the most traffic. For example, at the bottom of my home page http://www.marketingscoop.com, I’ve added the Alexa ranking box. You can do the same for your own site by visiting http://www.alexa.com/site/site_stats/signup You’ll notice that I haven’t added the traffic history graph. This is because it wouldn’t look appropriate on my home page and because Alexa is only providing detailed history on the top 100,000 sites. So if you’re not in the top 100,000, site stats would not be available.

6. Take an inexpensive advertisement out on the ExactSeek search directory for only a few dollars per month at ExactSeek.com Search engine results are directly correlated with Alexa rankings. You’ll notice that if a website is highly ranked on ExactSeek, chances are that it will be highly ranked on Alexa.

7. Get listed on as many search engines as possible by placing a free listing in DMOZ. This is the largest human edited directory on the web and is co-branded among hundreds of thousands of sites. Be patient though, it often takes up to 5 months before you see your website listed after submission. Even though it takes longer than it should, you have little say in the matter because it’s so widely used across the Internet.

Using Digg As your Network Marketing

While D!gg.com may not be quite as heavily visited as sites like Myspace and Facebook, it provides an opportunity for any webmaster to generate free traffic and links to his or her website. First off, let me state that it is very possible to get thousands of hits in just one or two days using D!gg. However, do not expect this rush of visitors to be overly profitable – at least not initially.

D!gg users are almost all technically savvy, meaning they most likely will not click on your ads or purchase your products. That being said, if your website offers a truly unique or useful service, users from D!gg (or anywhere else) will bookmark your site and return often. Recognize that the initial traffic generated through D!gg.com will most often bring more costs (hosting & bandwidth) than it will revenue. Nevertheless, D!gg.com can be a huge help to your marketing strategy.

Let's start with the basics: D!gg is free for anyone to use. You can submit as many pages from as many sites as you wish. Don't get too greedy though, as D!gg does ban accounts which only submit pages from one or two sites. Your best strategy is to submit pages from your sites, PLUS other interesting pages you find around the web. Use long, descriptive keywords in the title of your D!gg entry and link it back directly to your site.

The benefits are as follows: D!gg pages often get highly ranked in Google. When visitors find the pages you submitted, they can easily click through to your website. This gives you instant traffic – anywhere from a few visits per day to a few hundred. Secondly (and almost more importantly), having your website linked to in D!gg pages helps Google index your site very quickly.

Last fall, one of my new websites got into Google 36 hours after I created it, and all I did was submit a couple pages to D!gg. I was getting 100-150 targeted visits to this website everyday, right from the beginning, only because of D!gg.

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How to Gain Better Ranking In Alexa?

Better Alexa ranking are really easy to gain by using simple free web master tools, that you can download on the internet. Lots of people think that Alexa rankings a very important, I will start by telling you there not.

By doing this simple method that I will tell you about in a moment on gaining better Alexa rankings using free web master tools that you can download, you will see how easy it is to face your Alexa stats and then you might also relies that they are not any use to anyone, and that Alexa rankings are no where near accrete.

First of all, I will start by telling you, the more webpage’s you have the better, as the web master tools I am going to tell you to use scans your website and the more pages you have the longer it will be on your website, like a search engine spider.

First of all you will need to download the Alexa tool bar and install it, you can get this from http://www.alexa.com/site/download/ as you can see on the website of there’s, it does say the Alexa tool bar doesn’t contain spyware, well this isn’t really true, it does contain spyware BUT not bad ones so don’t remove them, the reason why it has spyware is so it can send back information to Alexa telling them what website you have been on and how long, this is how they calculate your website rankings.

After downloading the Alexa tool bar and installing it, next you will need a free webmaster tool called SOFTplus GSiteCrawler, this software is a Google and Yahoo sitemap making software, so yes it’s a free Google web master tool not made by Google. You can download this free tool from here http://gsitecrawler.com/

Install that tool then run it, what it does is scans your whole website like a search engines spider (or robot) and makes a full Google site map, so you can kill to birds with one stone.

Next download this tool called Xenu's Link Sleuth please search for this on Google, this is a free webmaster tool used for finding broken links on your websites, this also scans your whole website.

After you have done all this, do it daily for a month and watch your Alexa rankings gain better for you, and when I say better I mean they will go crazy, if you have webmaster mates get them to do your site and you does theirs, the more different ip’s you have doing your website like this the faster and better for you. Remember Alexa takes a while to update the ranks, and also they use the spyware on the toolbar to get there information so don’t delete them, if you do you Alexa tool bar will not show up, so a reinstall will have to be done of the tool bar.

Good luck, also try and not tell every one about this as people will start to know that Alexa is worthless.

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